7mm Wetsuits

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Dive Right In Scuba offers a range of 7mm wetsuits designed to keep you warm and comfortable in cooler waters. Whether you're exploring shipwrecks in the Pacific Northwest or diving in chilly lakes and quarries, our wetsuits provide the insulation you need to stay submerged longer and enjoy every minute of your adventure.


Find the perfect fit for warmth and comfort:

  • Full 7mm Wetsuits: Maximum protection from head to toe, ideal for colder water temperatures.
  • Semi-Dry 7mm Wetsuits: Enhanced sealing features for added warmth and minimal water entry.
  • Men's & Women's Styles: We offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit all body types.

We carry top brands like Pinnacle, Oceanic, Henderson, and Bare, known for their thermal insulation, flexibility, and comfort.

Why Choose Dive Right In Scuba for Your 7mm Wetsuit?

  • Expert Advice: We're experienced divers who can help you choose the right wetsuit for your diving needs and preferences.
  • Quality & Warmth: We offer wetsuits made from high-quality neoprene that provides excellent insulation in cold water.
  • Dive Comfortably: Stay warm and explore longer with our well-fitting and comfortable 7mm wetsuits.

Don't let the cold hold you back. Gear up with a Dive Right In Scuba 7mm wetsuit and conquer the underwater world.