Hydro Tank

Dive Right In Scuba has everything for all your tank needs!

Hydro Tank

Dive Right In Scuba has everything for all your tank needs! We offer every service you could want, brought to you by our top technicians who have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your tanks are in proper working condition! We have invested in top of the line equipment to service your equipment and have a talented staff that is worth more than they know! With the best service prices, quickest turnaround time, and top technicians, you're in the best hands here at Dive Right In Scuba! If you're not local, don't hesitate to ship us your equipment and receive the same top shelf local dive shop service you deserve! If you want us to ship you a box to send your tanks in, call us at 708-226-1614 for our shipping options.

Hydro and tank services

Service Price
Visual Tank Inspection $25
Hydrostatic test: Scuba, paint ball, soda stream, air rifle tanks, medical O2, spare air, and *CO2 tanks $28
Hydrostatic test: SCBA $32
Paint ball tanks Price
Hydro test tank only $$28
Remove regulator and hydro test tank $32
Remove regulator, Hydro test tank, and reinstall regulator $$36
*Cannot fill with CO2

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