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Clips & Snaps

When exploring the depths, the last thing you want is to be distracted by loose diving gear. That's why we've gathered a range of clips and snaps designed to meet the diverse needs of divers. Made from materials like stainless steel and brass, our accessories resist corrosion and stand up to the challenges of the marine environment. Whether you need a swivel bolt snap, a retractor, or any other tool to streamline your setup, Dive Right in Scuba has you covered.


Scuba dive clips and snaps are indispensable accessories for divers, playing a crucial role in ensuring that gear is organized, accessible, and, most importantly, secure. At Dive Right in Scuba, we understand that the quality of these small components can have a big impact on the safety and convenience of your diving experience. Our selection of scuba dive clips and snaps is curated with durability and functionality in mind, ensuring that every piece of gear you carry, from hoses to lights, remains firmly in place throughout your dive.

Types of Scuba Dive Clips & Snaps

We understand the importance of having reliable and durable gear when diving. The various types of scuba clips and snaps we offer at Dive Right in Scuba are designed for easy gear organization and are essential for securing your dive equipment, ensuring safety, and providing corrosion resistance for long-lasting use in marine environments.

Spring Loaded Gate Bolt Snap

Spring-loaded gate bolt snaps are fundamental for divers who require a secure and easy-to-use attachment point for their gear. Typically made from stainless steel construction or corrosion-resistant marine grade brass, these clips feature a locking gate design that's easy to operate even with gloves. Our selection includes 304-grade stainless steel for general use, or marine grade 316 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance in saltwater.

Plastic Clips and Swivel Bolt Snaps

Perfect for lighter applications, plastic clips feature a durable nylon webbing loop and impact-resistant plastic construction. These are often utilized for attaching accessories that don't carry the weight or don't require the strength of metal clips. Swivel bolt snaps, also available in plastic, offer a 360-degree swivel, adding versatility and preventing line entanglement, enhancing both safety and usability.

Stainless Steel and Brass Clips

For the demanding diver, stainless steel and brass clips provide extreme durability and long-lasting reliability. Our range includes items that are both corrosion-resistant and crafted to withstand harsh marine environments. Whether you need a clip for a light or a gauge, the corrosive-resistant construction ensures that your gear stays secure dive after dive.

What to Look For in Scuba Dive Clips & Snaps?

At Dive Right in Scuba, we understand that the right scuba dive clips and snaps are crucial for a secure and streamlined diving experience. Our selection is designed to meet the specific needs of scuba divers for attachment, safety, and accessibility.

Attachment and Security

Ensuring your gear stays attached and secure underwater is vital. Bolt snap clips, known for being durable and corrosion resistant, are ideal for semi-permanent attachments of diving accessories. With a strong and secure spring-loaded bar, they offer positive retention for items like gauges, cameras, and lights. Our clips in the collection are also designed for saltwater use, preventing damage to your equipment.

Diving Safety Enhancements

Incorporating the right clips can greatly enhance a diver's safety. Features like a quick-release clip or a squeeze-style quick-release buckle can prevent accidental weight belt release, thus increasing safety. Clamps and snaps made specifically for scuba use, such as doubles-as-accessory-attachment-points, offer easy accessibility while maintaining a safe and hands-free use of dive accessories.

Accessibility Features

We recommend prioritizing ease of use with features like two-way swivels and female buckles that pair with BC male buckle/strap/belt webbing. This not only helps in attaching accessories effortlessly but also ensures they're within reach. Our gear collection helps to streamline the diver's profile to protect the environment, minimizing contact with sensitive marine life.

Material and Build Quality

When selecting diving clips and snaps, the foremost aspects we consider at Dive Right in Scuba are the material and build quality. In material and build quality it is important to look for corrosion resistance and load rating.

Resistance to Corrosion and Impact

Our stainless steel collection construction is tailored for saltwater use. We specifically prefer ones with marine grade 316 stainless steel for its superior corrosion resistance. For divers preferring an alternative to steel, we offer corrosion-resistant marine grade brass and impact resistant plastic clips, both known for their resiliency in aquatic conditions.

  • Stainless Steel: Primarily marine grade 316, also corrosion resistant 304-grade
  • Brass: Marine grade, offering excellent longevity
  • Plastics: Carefully selected for impact resistance and corrosion resistance

Durability and Load Capacity

Our top picks, including heavy-duty snaps and D-rings, are designed for consistent performance under load. The strong and secure spring-loaded bar snaps ensure your equipment remains attached even during intense activity.

  • Load Rating: Clips built to handle specified weights without deformation or failure
  • Springs and Bars: High-quality stainless steel for a durable and secure grip For lp hoses, hp hoses, and high-pressure rubber hoses, the clips and snaps we offer provide a durable, corrosive-resistant stainless steel build that withstands the rigors of repetitive use and exposure to high pressures and corrosive elements.
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