Liftbags & SMBs

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Liftbags & SMBs

Dive Right in Scuba is keenly aware of the essentials for safety and efficiency in underwater operations, and among these essentials are lift bags and surface marker buoys (SMBs). Lift bags are invaluable tools for underwater construction, salvage work, or to assist divers in lifting heavy objects to the surface. Their ability to provide adjustable buoyancy underwater makes them indispensable for a variety of diving tasks. Whether it's a small lift for a camera or a major recovery operation, these bags are designed to rise to the challenge.


SMBs also serve as a critical safety device, ensuring that divers are visible to boat traffic, facilitating pickup by a surface team, and allowing for safer ascents in open water environments. Visually striking and designed for high visibility, SMBs are not just recommended but are a staple piece of gear for both recreational and technical divers. Our selection includes products tailored to every kind of dive, ensuring that you can find exactly what you need to signal your presence and location to those on the surface.

Types and Purposes of Lift Bags and SMBs

Diving requires reliable equipment for safety and efficiency. At Dive Right in Scuba, we provide divers with quality lift bags and surface marker buoys (SMBs), each serving a specific purpose underwater.

Understanding Lift Bags

Lift bags are essential for underwater operations, designed to recover objects from the seabed to the surface. They function by filling with air, which provides the buoyancy needed to lift the object. Lift bags come in various sizes and capacities, from small bags capable of lifting a few pounds to large, heavy-duty bags that can recover several hundred pounds. For commercial and technical diving operations, lift bags are indispensable.

  • Closed Lift Bag: Airtight and typically has a valve to control buoyancy.
  • Open Lift Bag: Often used in salvage, it allows for rapid deployment and adjustability.

Understanding SMBs

SMBs, or surface marker buoys, are vital for diver safety. They provide a visual signal of a diver's location, making divers visible to their surface support, boats, and rescue teams. Dive Right in Scuba offers a wide selection of SMBs suited for different diving conditions.

  • Standard SMBDeployed before ascent, it marks the diver's position throughout the dive.
  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB):Deployed during ascent or from depth, it provides a reference on the surface to aid in safer ascents and alert boat traffic overhead.

Both lift bags and SMBs are crucial for different tasks underwater, ensuring operations are carried out effectively and divers remain safe. We pride ourselves on offering these critical pieces of diving equipment, tailored to suit a range of diving activities.

Operation and Handling Procedures of Lift Bags & SMBs

We at Dive Right in Scuba understand the importance of proper operation and handling procedures when it comes to lift bags and SMBs. Ensuring safety during an ascent, maintaining the right buoyancy, and being ready for any emergency are paramount for every diver.

Deploying Lift Bags

To deploy a lift bag, first ensure it is properly connected to the object to be lifted with a strong and secure knot. Verify that the lift bag's capacity matches or exceeds the weight of the object. Before inflation, check that the surrounding area is clear of obstacles. To fill the bag, use your air source carefully to avoid over-expansion. Keep a close watch on the ascent of the bag to ensure it doesn't entangle with other divers or equipment.

Using SMBs for Safe Ascent

Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs) are crucial for a safe ascent. When ascending, deploy the SMB from a depth that allows for visibility to surface personnel, typically at the safety stop. Alleviate the risk of rapid ascent by monitoring your buoyancy and using the SMB as a visual guide, not as a lifting device – it's there to mark your position and to signal to boats and other divers, not to pull you to the surface.

Equipment Care and Maintenance

When it comes to diving equipment, ensuring proper care and maintenance is paramount for safety and longevity. At Dive Right in Scuba, we underscore the importance of routine checks and cleaning for all gear, including SMBs, lift bags, reels, and finger spools.

SMBs & Lift Bags

  • Inspect: Before and after each dive, examine for tears, holes, or seam damage.
  • Clean: Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove salt, chlorine, or debris.
  • Dry: Allow to air dry completely before storage to prevent mildew.
  • Store: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Reels & Finger Spools

  • Check: Ensure the line is free from frays and the mechanism operates smoothly.
  • Clean: Wash with fresh water and dry after use to prevent corrosion.
  • Lubricate: Apply silicone grease to moving parts as needed.
  • Store: Avoid storing under tension and keep in a protective case if possible.

General Tips

  • Regularly practice deploying and reeling in your SMB to familiarize yourself with its function.
  • Store SMBs and reels in your dry suit pocket or a dedicated compartment in your gear bag to avoid entanglements.

Taking care of your dive equipment isn't just about making your investment last; it's also about ensuring the safety and success of every dive. We, at Dive Right in Scuba, are committed to helping you dive with confidence by offering products designed to endure the rigors of underwater exploration.

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