Scuba Reels & Spools

Don't Get Lost at Sea (or Lake, or Quarry...)

A reel or spool is your underwater GPS, keeping you connected and guiding you back to your starting point.

Pro Tip: Spare Line And a Cutter Are a Must!

(Trust us, we've been there.) Stock up on extra line and a reliable line cutter for unexpected snags and entanglements.

Reel Talk

Tell us about your dive plans, and we'll help you choose the right reel or spool for the job. Safety first, fun always!

Scuba Reels & Spools


At Dive Right In Scuba, we understand the importance of staying connected and navigating safely underwater. Our range of scuba reels and spools is designed to enhance your underwater exploration while ensuring a secure return.

Reels vs. Spools

  • Scuba Reels: Perfect for deploying surface marker buoys (SMBs), navigating wrecks, and exploring caves. Our reels come in various sizes and materials to suit your needs.
  • Dive Spools: Compact and versatile, ideal for marking dive sites, making short ascents, or deploying safety sausages.
  • Finger Spools: Lightweight and easy to handle, these spools are perfect for carrying a small amount of line for quick tasks.

Whether you're a technical diver venturing into challenging environments or a recreational diver seeking new underwater thrills, we have the right reel or spool for you.

Why Choose Dive Right In Scuba for Your Reels & Spools?

  • Expert Selection: Our team has handpicked reels and spools from top brands known for their quality and reliability.
  • Guidance & Advice: We're happy to help you choose the right equipment for your specific diving style and skill level.
  • Gear Up for Adventure: With our reels and spools, you'll be ready to navigate and explore underwater with confidence and safety.

Don't leave your safety and navigation to chance. Gear up with the right tools and make the most of every dive.