Dive Tanks & Cylinders

Don't Be a Tank Rookie

Aluminum or steel? 80 or 100 cubic feet? We'll help you choose the perfect tank for your dive style and budget.

Keep Your Tank in Tip-Top Shape

Don't gamble with your safety. Our expert tank inspections and hydrostatic testing ensure your cylinder is dive-ready.

Never Run on Empty

Out of air? We've got you covered with convenient air and nitrox fills to keep you exploring longer.

Dive Tanks & Cylinders


Ready to own your air and dive on your terms? Dive Right In Scuba offers a wide range of scuba tanks and cylinders to fuel your underwater explorations. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have the right tank to match your needs and diving style.

Choose your tank:

  • Aluminum Tanks: Lightweight and perfect for travel, these tanks are a popular choice for recreational divers.
  • Steel Tanks: Known for their compact size and negative buoyancy, steel tanks are often preferred by technical divers.
  • Various Sizes: We offer tanks in a variety of capacities to suit your air consumption and dive time.

We carry trusted brands like Faber and XS Scuba, known for their quality and performance in the diving industry.

Why Choose Dive Right In Scuba for Your Dive Tank?

  • Expert Advice: We're divers too, and we can help you choose the right tank for your specific needs and diving style.
  • Proper Maintenance: We offer tank inspection and visual inspection services to ensure your tank is safe and in top condition.
  • Air & Nitrox Fills: We can fill your tank with air or nitrox to get you ready for your next dive.

Own your air and take control of your dive adventures!