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Drysuit Repairs, Regulator Repairs, Scuba Air and Nitrox Fills, BCD Repairs

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Dive Right In Scuba has everything you need for the perfect dive!  We offer every service you could want, brought to you by top technicians who have the experience and knowledge to make sure you are ready for your dives!  We have invested in top of the line equipment to service your gear and have a talented staff that is worth more than they know!  With the best service prices, quickest turnaround times, and top technicians, you're in the best hands here at Dive Right In Scuba!  If you're not local, don't hesitate to ship us your equipment and receive the same top shelf local dive shop service you deserve!

Some of the scuba services we offer Air & Nitrox & Trimix & Argon Fills, Regulator Repairs, BC Repairs, Drysuit Repairs, Tank Inspections, O2 Cleaning, Anything you need done, WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!!

Drysuit Repair

Drysuits Serviced in 2018 so far.  Drysuit Repairs

Drysuit Repair

Our experienced Drysuit Repair Technicians have worked on, and do work on, all brands of drysuits, Ice Rescue Suits, Swiftwater Suits, Kayak, and Kiteboarding suits as well as other drywear. Let us get you back to being dry in your suit. You don't have to settle with being semi dry any longer!! All Drysuit Repairs come with a 2 Year Warranty.  We strive to have a 7-10 business day turnaround time, but sometimes we get flooded with suits and that gets pushed back.  Please call us if you want to know the current turnaround time.  Typically the worst is 14-21 business days, and we do offer a front of line service which gets your suit started the day it comes in.

Drysuit Wrist Seal Repairs (Latex Seals Included, PAIR) - $99.99
    -- Neoprene Seals +$50
    -- Silicon Seals- $42.95
must have wrist system installed to use

Drysuit Neck Seal Repairs (Latex Seal Included) - $99.99
    -- Neoprene +$50
    -- Silicon Seals- $59.95
must have neck system installed to use

Want to have a system that allows you to change your seals in the field? Don't miss a dive again due to a blown seal. See our Replaceable wrist and neck seal systems below.

Install Replaceable Neck System - $135 labor only- System and seals not included
-- See the Quick Neck System
-- See the Silicone Neck Seal
-- See the Latex Neck Seal

Install Replaceable Wrist System - $150 labor only- System andSeals not included

You can have the Full Replaceable Wrist and Neck system Installed with Silicone seals for only $419. Labor and parts are included. This price is now good for ALL suit makes and models.

-- See the Round Permanent Wrist System
-- See the Oval Permanent Wrist System
-- See the Silicone Wrist Seals
-- See the Latex Wrist Seals

Drysuit Zipper Replacement - $200 Does Not Include Zipper
-- See YKK Zipper
-- See Plastic TI Zipper
Drysuit Boot/ Sock Installation - $125 Boots/Socks not Included
--See the Sock and Boot Options

Minor Drysuit Repair - $30 First Patch
                        $20 Each Additional

Replace Drysuit Hood & Neck Seal- $125 Includes Neck Seal and Hood
Install Drysuit Hood Vent - $10 Hood Vent NOT Included ($59.99)
Drysuit Zipper Cleaning- $25
Annual Drysuit Inspection- $85 Includes Zipper Cleaning, Leak test, and suit bath
Install Drysuit Relief Valve - $50 Valve not included ($85-150)
Drysuit Pocket Install - Glue $55, Sew $65, Both $75 (pockets not included)
Add Drysuit Suspender Tabs- $46 suspenders not included ($24)
Add External Crotch Strap- $40 crotch strap not included ($45)
Re-Locate Inflator or Exhaust - $90 Includes patching
Front of Line Service- 30% of the final bill per suit

Drysuit Leak Test - $55 Major - Unknown leak, or we do work and suit is leaking elsewhere.
                   Our Work - All DRIS work is leak tested for free

You can have the Full Replaceable Wrist and Neck system Installed with Silicone seals for only $419. Labor and parts are included. This price is now good for ALL suit makes and models.

Drysuit Repairs come with a 2 Year warranty and typical turnaround is less than 7-10 business days.

All suits MUST be accompanied by the below Repair Form

See DIY Drysuit Accessories

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Regulators & BCD Repair


All Regulators are completely pulled apart, parts are replaced, metal components are Ultra-Sonically cleaned, and then put on the to ensure no freeflows and to make sure the regulator is in perfect working order. When you get your regulator back, it's in brand new working condition except for any battle wounds the exterior has received over the years. Pictures of anything extensive are taken and provided to you when you pick up your regulator set. Please plan well ahead of any dive trips so that your regulator is done in time for your dives. If your regulator is not completed, you can use one of our rental regulators on your dive trip.

Regulator Services

Regulators & BCD Servicing

First Stage (proof of service within 1 year)- $25 plus Parts or +$5 if not serviced within 1 year
Second Stage (proof of service within 1 year)- $25 plus parts or +$5 if not serviced within 1 year
Octo (proof of service within 1 year)- $25 plus parts or +$5 if not serviced within 1 year
--- Integrated Octo $30
 or +$5 if not serviced within 1 year
Regulator Set Inspect and Adjust- $30
Quote Only - $20 Goes towards service costs. If no service is done, it is returned unassembled
Front of Line Service - $100 Next day - $50 One Week Service
Extensive Cleaning - $10 
Console Service - FREE HP Spool Cleaned, Hose ends cleaned
Computers- $5 plus Parts - Includes change of battery, o-ring, time reset, check functions
BCD - $35 plus parts
BCD Inflator (When applicable) $15
O2 Clean - $25 per Stage EXTRA
Full Face Mask - $75 plus parts (AGA, Guardian, or Ocean Reef)
Environmental Packing - $40 Sealed Piston Regulstors ONLY will have an extra charge for Christolube and packing the first stage (included). 

Typical Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. We strive to have them done as quick as possible, and most are turned around quicker.

Front of line service is for those that come in right before vacation or service is needed. Although we cannot guarantee it will be done in time, due to the condition of your regulator set or necessary parts, this does put your regulator repair at the front of the line. If repair is not completed, a rental set will be issued for your trip.

* As a reward for servicing your equipment every year, you will notice a discount of $5 per stage.

Download Repair Form Email UsDealer Pricing InquiriesClick for Shipping Label

Gas Fills

scuba air fills


We are one of the only Scuba Dive Shops in Illinois that meets the stringent IANTD standards for Oxygen Compatible Air. Our Oxygen Compatible air is the cleanest for you to breathe and have in your tanks, and we have the quarterly reports to prove it. Not many shops can boast about their air quality. We can! All tanks will be filled to the specifications on the tank.

$6 for a 0-50 cubic/ft tank
$7 for a 51-100 cubic/ft tank
$9 for a 100+ cubic/ft

Email Us


Nitrox fills up to 40%. We have a banked Nitrox system with 32% banked for your convenience. In this type of filling system, it is not necessary for your tanks to be O2 cleaned if you're getting a pre-mix fill.  If you need Partial Pressure fills, your tanks WILL need to be O2 Cleaned.  See below for pricing.

EAN32 Premix Prices:
0-50 cubic/ft - $10
51cf to 100cf - $12
101cf + - $14
Any size Doubles Premixed(32%) - $20

Aviators Breathing Oxygen (ABO) Pricing -)
Oxygen, per cf - $0.33
$7 Fill Charge for 40cu/ft tanks and under
$10 fill charge for all tanks over 40 cu/ft

-We fill O2 bottles to 2600 PSI for safety reasons while filling. It is a combustable gas, and higher PSI fills walk the line of being dangerous. .

Custom Blend Prices - $14

No blending charge for Argon 

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Used as a mixing gas for Trimix. Must present Trimix Certification Card for fill.

$2.00 per cu./ft

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Argon is used as a warming gas with a drysuit. Typically used on deeper dives or Trimix dives, argon is stored in a smaller bottle that hooks straight up to your drysuit. Our booster will take your Argon fill to 3000psi so you will not be limited on your fill.

$1.00 per cu./ft

Email Us

Fine Print

The Fine Print

An Appropriate certification card is required for all fills and must be analyzed when the fill requires it. Cylinders must have a current hydrostatic test stamp and visual inspection sticker to be filled. We do NOT accept VIP stickers that do not include inspectors identity and contact info, unless you are the inspector or VIP documents accompany the tank.

Custom Blend fills and any mix with greater than 50% oxygen content require cylinders certified for Oxygen Service. Boost limit for Oxygen is 2600psi, boost limit for Argon is 4500psi.

We reserve the right to refuse to fill ANY cylinder. EAN32 Premix fills are generally available without delay, ABO and custom blends will generally need to be left for 24 hours.

If you're an independent visual inspector, ask about our special program to help you do your own inspections. If you're interested in becoming a visual cylinder inspector, ask about our training program.

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Tank Inspections

Scuba tanks need a Visual Inspection every year and a Hydro every 5 years. Dive Right In Scuba can handle all of your tank inspection and cleaning needs. With a quick turnaround time, you will not be without your tanks for long. If you do need to dive before your tanks are ready, you can use our tanks for just the price of the air in them.

Visual Tank Inspection - $25.00

Includes Vis, Fill, and O-Rings (Needs to be completed yearly)


Hydro - $53.00

Includes Hydro, Vis, Fill, and O-Rings (Needs to be completed every 5 years)


Visual Eddy Current Test - $20.00

Mandatory on certain tanks, Current test that checks threads on tank to ensure integrity. If necessary this is done at time of the Hydro.


Tank Tumble - $15.00 and up depending on amount of corrosion

Light Rust $15.00, Heavy Rust $25.00 and up depending on amount of rust.


Valve Repair - $28

Includes parts on most valves


Tank & Valve O2 Cleaning

$50 All Sizes, parts extra, $80 for Twins with Manifold


Doubles Breakdown and Reassemble

$20 Bring your doubles in assembled for VIP or Hydro and we will need to break them down for inspection and reassemble them. If you do it yourself, please bring them in broken down and let us know you will assemble them.



Come to the best Scuba Diving Shop in Illinois! Dive Right In Scuba is the source for your gas fills and equipment servicing.  Our certified trained technicians will make sure your scuba equipment is in the best possible shape!

Feel free to email us at info@diverightinscuba.com


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