Technical Diving Accessories

Double Up for Deep Dives

Redundancy is key in tech diving. Let us help you stock up on backup o-rings, fin straps, and everything else you need to stay safe at depth.

Your Tech Checklist, Simplified

Overwhelmed by gear lists? We've been there. Share your dive plans with us, and we'll make sure you have all the accessories you need – no more, no less.

Tech Divers Unite!

We're passionate about technical diving, and we're here to share our knowledge and experience with you. Give us a call or come on in and let's talk tech!

Technical Diving Accessories


Dive Right In Scuba understands that technical diving requires specialized equipment to tackle the unique challenges of deeper and more complex dives. We've gathered a collection of essential accessories to enhance your safety, efficiency, and overall diving experience.

Find the right tools for your technical dives:

  • Pony Bottle Packs: Securely carry your backup air source for added safety and peace of mind.
  • Folding Changing Mats: Stay comfortable and protect your gear during surface intervals.
  • Retractors & Lanyards: Keep your essential tools close at hand and prevent them from getting lost.
  • Multi-Tools: Versatile tools for quick fixes and adjustments on the go.
  • O-Ring Kits: Be prepared for minor repairs and maintenance underwater.
  • Battery Chargers & Cables: Ensure your dive electronics are always ready for action.
  • Protective Covers & Cases: Safeguard your valuable equipment from damage during transport and storage.

We partner with leading brands like Dive Rite, Aqua Lung, and Akona to ensure you have access to the most reliable and innovative technical diving accessories.

Why Choose Dive Right In Scuba for Your Tech Accessories?

  • Technical Expertise: Our team is passionate about tech diving and can help you select the right tools for your dives.
  • Rigorous Testing: We only stock accessories that have been proven in demanding diving conditions.
  • Your Tech Dive Partner: We're committed to supporting your technical diving journey with the highest quality equipment and expert advice.

Don't leave your safety and success to chance. Equip yourself with the best technical diving accessories from Dive Right In Scuba.