Tank Inspections

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Yes, we know tanks!  Whether you need your valves rebuilt, O2 cleaned, Tanks Hydro, or even tanks outside of scuba.  We do it all!  Paintball tanks, no problem for us to service or hydro those as well.  We do it all, in house, just for you! 

Tank Inspections

Tank Tumble

$15.00 and up depending on amount of corrosion

Light Rust $15.00
Heavy Rust $25.00 and up depending on amount of rust.

Valve Repair

Does not include parts.

Valve Repair: $20

Visual Eddy Current Test

Mandatory on certain tanks, Current test that checks threads on tank to ensure integrity. If necessary this is done at time of the Hydro.

Visual Eddy Current Test: $20.00

Visual Tank Inspection

Scuba tanks need a Visual Inspection every year and a Hydro every 5 years. Dive Right In Scuba can handle all of your tank inspection and cleaning needs.

With a quick turnaround time, you will not be without your tanks for long. If you do need to dive before your tanks are ready, you can use our tanks for just the price of the air in them.

Visual Tank Inspection: $25.00

Includes Vis, Fill, and O-Rings (Needs to be completed yearly)

Hydrostatic testing

The purpose of a hydrostatic test is to locate any flaws that would put the diver or fill station operator in danger.

The hydrostatic test tests the physical limits of the cylinder by use of water and pressurization. This test is required by federal regulation every five years. If the cylinder passes testing it will be stamped with the date (month and year) of the test and our ID number.  If the cylinder fails it will be condemned and the serial will be stamped and "X'd" out.

Hydrostatic test: $28, $32 for SCBA

Doubles Breakdown and Reassemble

Bring your doubles in assembled for VIP or Hydro and we will need to break them down for inspection and reassemble them.

If you do it yourself, please bring them in broken down and let us know you will assemble them.

Doubles Breakdown and Reassemble: $35

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