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Tanks & Accys.

At Dive Right in Scuba, we've curated a comprehensive selection of scuba tanks and accessories to suit the needs of both novice and experienced divers. From durable tanks capable of withstanding deep-sea pressures to finely tuned valve accessories that ensure precise air flow, our products are designed to enhance your diving experience.

We've assembled an extensive collection of scuba tanks in various sizes, materials, and buoyancy characteristics, alongside a variety of necessary accessories like high-quality regulators, comfortable tank harnesses, and protective valve covers. Shop now!


Whether you're planning a single tank dive in tropical waters or a complex technical dive requiring multiple cylinders, Dive Right in Scuba has everything you need to make your dive seamless and stress-free.

To support your underwater expeditions, we also offer specialized tank accessories that can make a significant difference in managing your equipment. Organize your scuba cylinders with sturdy racks, customize your setup with adjustable straps, or select from our tank add-ons that can extend the life of your investment. Our goal is to provide you with not just gear, but the confidence to dive right in, knowing you're backed by quality products and our diving expertise.

Types of Scuba Tanks

At Dive Right in Scuba, we know that choosing the right scuba tank is crucial for an enjoyable dive. Tanks vary in material and size, each with its own benefits for specific diving needs.

Aluminum Tanks

Aluminum scuba tanks are a go-to choice for recreational divers. Their popularity comes from being more cost-effective and offering a range of sizes suited for different dive profiles. However, divers should note that an aluminum cylinder is more buoyant when empty, which can affect buoyancy control during a dive.

Steel Tanks

Divers choose steel tanks for their durability and performance depth-wise. These tanks are often more compact and heavier, making them negatively buoyant both when full and empty, which can be beneficial for divers who carry more equipment and require better weight distribution.

Tank Sizes and Specifications

Scuba tanks come in various sizes, typically measured in cubic feet, with common sizes ranging from small pony bottles to large 100 cu ft tanks. The working pressure of a tank is also a key specification, indicating how much the tank can safely hold. High-pressure steel tanks are available at Dive Right in Scuba, allowing for more air in a smaller space, ideal for extended diving adventures.

Scuba Tank Valves

At Dive Right in Scuba, we understand that choosing the right valve is crucial for a safe and enjoyable dive. The valve is your regulator's connection point to the tank and is vital for controlling your air flow.

DIN Valves

When it comes to DIN valves, we provide a secure and reliable connection for your diving needs. DIN, short for Deutsches Institut für Normung, is recognized for its screw-in mechanism that offers better sealing due to the O-ring being placed inside the valve. Our high-quality DIN valves can handle higher pressures, making them suitable for technical dives.

Features include:

  • Enhanced sealing capability
  • Compatibility with higher pressure ratings

Yoke Valves

Alternatively, Yoke Valves or A-clamp valves are widely used for recreational diving. They're user-friendly and connect to the tank with a simple clamp system. Our yoke valves are crafted from durable materials and feature a color-coded safety hand wheel for intuitive operation.


  • Ease of use for recreational divers
  • Color coded for safety and simplicity

Valve Accessories

To complement our valves, we offer a selection of valve accessories that will enhance your diving experience. From safety hand wheels that ensure effortless operation to chrome plated brass valve stems that offer added durability, our accessories are designed to meet all your diving requirements.

Accessories range:

  • Safety hand wheels: easy and secure handling
  • Valve stems: chrome plated for corrosion resistance

Mounting and Storage Solutions

In our quest to provide the best gear for divers, we at Dive Right in Scuba understand the importance of proper mounting and safe storage solutions for your scuba cylinders. Whether you're looking for a secure way to mount a single tank or need a comprehensive system for multiple cylinders, our range of products caters to all your needs.

Single and Multiple Cylinder Mounting

For divers who prefer the classic setup, our traditional single tank backpacks are a perfect choice. Designed with durability in mind, they provide a secure way to attach scuba cylinders to your back, ensuring comfort and stability underwater.

For dive operators or those with multiple tanks, we offer solutions that enable multiple or single cylinder mounting with ease. Our adjustable length silicone tubing also ensures that whatever the size of your tank, we have a customizable solution to fit your needs.

Tank Holders and Racks

When it comes to storage, our 3 tank holders and six cylinder storage racks are ideal for keeping your scuba tanks organized and preventing damage. The tank holders are crafted to keep scuba cylinders in place, which is crucial during transportation or when storing them in your gear room. For dive shops or those with more extensive gear requirements, our sturdy racks enable the safe storage of multiple tanks in a small footprint, optimizing space both on the boat and in the store.

Scuba Tank Accessories

Ensuring that your scuba tanks are properly equipped with the right accessories can make a world of difference for both convenience and safety. Dive Right in Scuba prioritizes a selection of quality accessories to keep your dive seamless and secure.

Straps and Harnesses

XS Scuba Pony Pac Harness: Built for pony tanks, this harness embraces a simplistic design making it effortless to carry an extra tank. It's fabricated from durable materials, ensuring a secure attachment that lasts. Our harnesses, including the Scuba Tank Backpack with Straps, offer comfort and stability, meaning you have one less thing to worry about when diving.

Protective Accessories

From impact resistant plastic cylinder boots to 316 stainless steel construction, we safeguard your tanks from the usual wear and tear. Consider our Roll Control Adjustable Tank Brackets not only as a means of protection but also for the stability they impart. You'll find materials designed for longevity and to shield against harsh underwater elements.

Material and Construction

We focus on selecting anodized aluminum for elements like the Roll Control 48" Aluminum Track, as it resists corrosion even in saltwater exposure. The Stage Bottle Strap Kits, constructed of stainless steel and nylon w/glass fill, are engineered for dependable performance. Rest assured these materials are chosen to keep your gear in top condition for years to come.

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