Diving Weights: Find Your Perfect Balance Underwater

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Diving weights

Ready to ditch that sinking feeling? Dive Right In Scuba has your weight needs covered with our awesome selection of scuba diving weights and belts! Whether you're a beginner diver finding your buoyancy sweet spot or a seasoned pro fine-tuning your trim, we've got the perfect weights to keep you balanced and comfortable underwater.


Find Your Perfect Weight System

  • Weight Belts: The classic choice for divers of all levels. Choose from sturdy nylon or rubber belts with easy-adjust buckles.
  • Weight Harnesses: Distribute weight evenly across your body for enhanced comfort and trim. Perfect for technical diving or those with back issues.
  • Weight Pockets: Add or remove weight with ease using these convenient pockets that attach to your BCD.
  • Ankle Weights: Fine-tune your trim and balance with these weights that strap around your ankles.

Don't Weigh Yourself Down with the Wrong Gear!

Choosing the right weights is crucial for a safe and enjoyable dive. Here's what to consider:

  • Exposure Suit: Thicker wetsuits or drysuits require more weight to counteract their buoyancy.
  • Body Type: Your body composition and natural buoyancy will affect how much weight you need.
  • Dive Conditions: Saltwater is denser than freshwater, so you'll need slightly more weight in the ocean.

Weigh Your Options with Dive Right In Scuba

Not sure how much weight you need? Our expert divers can help you find the perfect balance!  We'll guide you through the selection process and ensure you're weighted just right for your next underwater adventure.

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Browse our wide selection of scuba weights and belts and find the perfect combination for your diving style.