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Cutting Device

As a diver, whether novice or experienced, the gear you carry beneath the waves requires careful selection. We take pride in providing you with diving knives and cutting tools that offer peace of mind and enhance your ability to address unforeseen challenges head-on. Where underwater every piece of kit must perform optimally, Dive Right in Scuba ensures that by providing high-end cutting tools that will never be a point of failure.


Our lineup of top picks ensures that you have access to a variety of cutting instruments tailored to diving—each one designed to suit the unique challenges posed by the underwater environment. From versatile dive knives fabricated to withstand the corrosive nature of saltwater to innovative cutting tools engineered for easy handling, we make sure we pick brands that prioritize durability and efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Dive Knife?

At Dive Right in Scuba, we understand the importance of selecting the right diving knife. It's an essential tool for safety and utility underwater. Utilizing the right materials and blade design enhances a diving knife's performance and longevity. Dive Right in Scuba is here to guide you through choosing the perfect knife to meet your diving needs. Here are the factors you need to consider:

Materials and Corrosion Resistance

Stainless Steel

Affordable and readily available, stainless steel knives are a popular choice among divers. These knives can resist corrosion well, especially those with a higher chromium content. However, they do require proper maintenance to prevent rust.


Renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratio, titanium blades are a top-tier option. Titanium knives do not rust, reducing maintenance efforts, and are typically lightweight, making them a favorite for divers who prioritize ease of handling and longevity.

Blade Designs

Diving knives come in a variety of blade designs suited for different functions:

Drop Point

This drop point common design is robust and versatile, featuring a convex curve from the spine to the point.


With a straight edge and an unsharpened spine that curves down to meet the sharp edge, sheepsfoot blades are designed for safety and control.

Edge Types

The type of edge on a diving knife affects how it cuts and what it's best used for:

Straight Edge

Ideal for clean, precise cuts and easy sharpening, a straight edge is perfect for slicing and dicing during dive excursions.

Serrated Edge

These edges excel in sawing through tougher materials like rope and net, providing versatility underwater.

Specific Activities

Materials play a crucial role depending on whether you're scuba diving, spearfishing, or engaging in underwater rescue. For rugged activities like spearfish, a knife with high-performance steel ensures superior edge retention and strength. You can also have a look at our accessories packages to save more!

Durability and Longevity

We prioritize durability in our selection of knives and cutting tools. The choice of material, such as marine-grade 316 stainless steel, is corrosion-resistant and maintains longevity even in harsh saltwater conditions. Our selection features stainless steel options that hold up in demanding underwater environments, remaining a staple in your BCD or tank setup for years.

Size and Portability

A compact size is key for lightweight and portable diving tools, ensuring they can be easily secured to a BCD without being obtrusive. We offer tools designed for compact storage yet ready at hand for immediate use. Whether attached to your equipment or stowed in a pocket, the balance between size and usability is finely tuned for the practicing scuba diver.

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