Underwater Communication Parts & Accessories

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Your underwater communication gear is your lifeline to your buddies and the surface. At Dive Right In Scuba, we understand the importance of keeping those lines of communication open and crystal-clear. That's why we offer a wide range of replacement parts and accessories to keep your gear in tip-top shape and even enhance its functionality.


Keep your communication system running smoothly and explore new possibilities with our selection of upgrade parts and accessories. Here are a few examples:

  • Full face mask mounts: Securely attach your buddy phone or other devices to your full face mask for hands-free communication.
  • Universal slides for accessories: Easily add lights, cameras, and other accessories to your full face mask setup, streamlining your diving experience.
  • Ambient breathing valves: Improve comfort and reduce fogging by allowing you to breathe ambient air while at the surface, especially useful during surface intervals.
  • Canister battery holders: Keep your batteries organized and easily accessible on your dive, ensuring your communication system has lasting power.
  • Eye wear inserts: Ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your glasses or sunglasses under your full face mask, eliminating the need for prescription lenses on your mask itself.

We only carry top-quality parts and accessories from trusted brands, so you can trust that your gear will perform when it matters most.

Don't Let a Faulty Part Silence Your Adventures!

Keep your underwater conversations flowing smoothly with our comprehensive selection of scuba communication equipment parts and accessories. We're here to help you stay connected, no matter where your dives take you.