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Dive Beacons

Dive Beacons - Be seen on night dives with personal marker beacons.

Dive Beacons - Be seen on night dives with personal marker beacons. While we do carry old-fashioned glow sticks, you’ll find that our dive beacons outlast chemical lights, and are easy to attach to your BC or a tank valve.

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  • Lite Tracker

    Grace Industries

    Lite Tracker

    Lite Tracker Underwater Submergible Series Grace Industries` Lite Tracker is a bright flashing visual indicator which ensures the wearer can be seen in dark or in low visibility conditions.  This small, lightweight device is easily attached to clothing or belts, and can be seen at a distance up to one mile. Lite Tracker can provide over 170 hours of continuous use on just two AAA batteries.   Features: Water Activated Coast Guard Compliant Gree Lens 3 amber LEDs in flashing pattern Made of tough industrial grade plastic High visability from all directions Quick battery replacement Dimensions: approximately 1 3/4" wide x 2 3/4" high x 1 1/2" deep including clip Weight: 3.5 oz with batteries

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    Firefly Buddy Beacon

    I- Torch Lights

    Firefly Buddy Beacon

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    Have you ever lost your buddy during a night dive? You may use a single use chemical stick with different colours to identify buddy teams but that is not environmental friendly. I-Buddy is one of the smallest signal lights in the market and is positively buoyant. It is an earth friendly product and its battery can be replaced by user. The colourful I-Buddy is easily identified underwater. Of course you still can also find hundreds of applications for it on land too! Specifications: Burn time: Approx. 20 Hours Light colours available: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue Replaceable battery: 3 x CR1220 Size: 22mm diameter x 45mm Weight : 12g

  • Glo-Toobs

    DRIS Dive Gear


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    7 programmable modes: Equal Flash, Beacon Strobe, Slow Strobe, SOS, Throb, 100% Constant on, 25% Constant on. Waterproog to 11,500ft. Viturally Indestructable, Battery life 30-80hrs

  • Dive Beacon

    Underwater Kinetics

    Dive Beacon

    8 Review(s)

    Be seen at night by fellow divers and dive master with this dependable high visibility red personal marker beacon. Long burn time and high brightness make it a perfect chemical light stick replacement Lanyard included for easy attachment to tank valve or BC Always ON, no annoying flashing Optional 1.13 watt high powered xenon lamp (2 - 2.5 hour burn time) Waterproof to 500 feet

  • Glow Sticks

    DRIS Dive Gear

    Glow Sticks

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    These 4" Glow Sticks are perfect for night dives!  They come with string to attach glow stick to your tank, reg, or wherever you decide to put them.  Dont mess around replacing batteries, just crack the stick, shake it, and dive....about 6-8hrs of light! Various colors available Products can ship via USPS so typical shipping is less than $2....depending on how many you order


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