Regulator & BCD Repair

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Dive Right In Scuba has everything you need for the perfect dive!  We offer every service you could want, brought to you by top technicians who have the experience and knowledge to make sure you are ready for your dives!  We have invested in top of the line equipment to service your gear and have a talented staff that is worth more than they know!  With the best service prices, quickest turnaround times, and top technicians, you're in the best hands here at Dive Right In Scuba!  If you're not local, don't hesitate to ship us your equipment and receive the same top shelf local dive shop service you deserve!

Some of the scuba services we offer Air & Nitrox & Trimix & Argon Fills, Regulator Repairs, BC Repairs, Drysuit Repairs, Tank Inspections, O2 Cleaning, Anything you need done, WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!!

All Regulators are completely disassembled, parts are replaced, metal components are Ultra-Sonically cleaned, and then put on the to ensure no freeflows and to make sure the regulator is in perfect working order. When you get your regulator back, it's in brand new working condition except for any battle wounds the exterior has received over the years. Pictures of anything extensive are taken and provided to you when you pick up your regulator set. Please plan well ahead of any dive trips so that your regulator is done in time for your dives. If your regulator is not completed, you can use one of our rental regulators on your dive trip.

Regulators & BCD Servicing

Work to be Done Price
Front of Line Service
2 Week Service
1 Week Service
2 Day Service

First Stage + $40
Second Stage + $40
Octo + $40
Poseidon First Stage + $45
Poseidon 2nd Stage + $45
Poseidon Octo + $45
Integrated Octo +
– Send with LP Hose
O2 Cleaning –
– per stage Not all Regs compatible. Please check Man. Specs or call us
Extensive Cleaning $10
Inspect and Adjust
(whole setup)***
$30 for 2 piece set
$35 for 3 piece set
Full Face Mask +
(AGA or Guardian)
Computers **** $8
Console Service FREE – New O-rings, HP
BCD $40

Typical Turnaround time is 15-20 business days. We strive to have services done as quickly as possible, and most are turned around quicker. This is for normal service repairs. If a non-scheduled part needs replacement, or extra service is needed, you will be notified of the delay.

Front of line service is for requests that come in right before vacation and service is needed. Although we cannot guarantee work will be completed in time due to the condition of a regulator set or necessity of additional parts, this does put the regulator service at the front of the line. If service/repair is not completed, a rental set will be issued for your trip.

* Platinum Pricing level is achieved once you have sent 5 regulator sets for service and is a THANK YOU for your continued service needs.

** If you request a quote prior to service, your anticipated service costs will be quoted and emailed to you for approval before we service your equipment. If you decide to NOT have it fixed, it will not be put back together prior to our returning it to you.

*** This is for an Annual inspection only. Some regulators have a 2 year service interval but need to be inspected every off year. We inspect the regulator per manufacturer standards and bench test it on our Flow Bench. No parts are replaced unless the tests reveal something needs replacement.

**** Includes change of battery, o-ring, time reset, check functions. This is Labor only; battery and O-ring price NOT included.

+ This price is for labor only. Scheduled service kits and non-scheduled parts are an addition cost.

Anything you send to DRIS, will be serviced. Mouthpieces will be automatically replaced if bad, hoses replaced, etc if the items are defective. If you do NOT wish this done, please put it on the notes of the Repair Form. Otherwise, we send back a working regulator.

Please enclose a completed Dive Right In Scuba regulator repair form with each regulator set.

Regulators & BCD Repair Inquiry