Technical Diver Gear Packages

Tech Gear, No Stress

Our curated packages take the guesswork out of building your tech kit. We've handpicked the essentials for a safe and successful dive.

Tailored to Your Needs

Cave diver or wreck explorer? We'll customize your package to match your specific tech diving goals and budget.

Gear Up and Go Deeper

Pair your gear with our technical diving courses so you’re always ready to push yourself further. Learn more about them here.

Technical Diver Gear Packages


Dive Right In Scuba knows that assembling the right technical diving gear can be a complex process. Our curated equipment packages take the guesswork out of equipping yourself for your next deep exploration.

Explore our comprehensive tech diving packages:

  • Essential Tech Packages: Includes your core essentials like regulators, backplates, and BCDs from trusted brands.
  • Advanced Tech Packages: Tailored for experienced tech divers, featuring upgraded gear for demanding dives.
  • Sidemount & Cave Packages: Specialized gear bundles designed for sidemount and cave diving adventures.

Why Choose Dive Right In Scuba for Your Tech Gear Package?

  • Expert Curation: Our experienced team has hand-picked the best gear combinations to optimize performance and safety.
  • Convenient & Cost-Effective: Get everything you need in one package, often at a better price than buying individual items.
  • Quality & Reliability: We partner with top brands known for their performance in demanding technical diving environments.

Gear up with confidence and focus on your dive.