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Some of the scuba services we offer Air & Nitrox & Trimix & Argon Fills, Regulator Repairs, BC Repairs, Drysuit Repairs, Tank Inspections, O2 Cleaning, Anything you need done, WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!!


Drysuit Repair

Our experienced Drysuit Repair Technicians have worked on, and do work on, all brands of drysuits, Ice Rescue Suits, Swiftwater Suits, Kayak, and Kiteboarding suits as well as other drywear. Let us get you back to being dry in your suit. You don't have to settle with being semi dry any longer!! All Drysuit Repairs come with a 2 Year Warranty. Please call for current turn around time. 815-267-8400   Typically the worst is 14-21 business days, and we do offer a front of line service which gets your suit started the day it comes in.

You can have the Full Replaceable Wrist and Neck system Installed with Silicone seals for only $419. Labor and parts are included. This price is now good for ALL suit makes and models.

All suits MUST be accompanied by the below Repair Form

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Drysuit Repair Price
Leak Tests and Maintenance
Minor: We check our work only - included in all repairs Free
Major: We check the entire suit $55
Annual Service: Zipper Cleaning, Leak Test, & Suit Bath $75
SiTech Quick Neck & Wrist Bundle(SLT) $419.99
Includes Quick Neck, your choice oval or round wrist system, & seals (latex or silicone)
SiTech ORUST Neck & Wrist Bundle(SLT) $440.00
Includes Orust Neck, your choice oval or round wrist system, & seals (latex or silicone)
SiTech Neck- Labor Only $135.00
Quick Neck $99.99
ORUST Neck $119.99
SiTech Wrist System-Labor Only $150.00
Round Permanent Wrist $63.19
Oval Permanent Wrist $67.99
Slaggo Wrist System $99
Kubi Wrist System - Labor Only $225
*May Require Custom Arm Adjustment
Kubi Cuff Side Only Fitted Ring 80mm $145
Kubi Cuff Side Only Fitted Ring 90mm $145
Neck Seals - Labor Only $70
Latex $29.99
Silicone (For use with SiTech replaceable system $59.99
Hood - Labor only $70
Latex Hood - available in small or large $29.99
Hood Vent $20
Hood Vent Install $10
Latex Neckseal with Hood $99
Wrist Seals - Labor Only $70
Latex - Bottle or Manchette $24.99
Latex - Cone $29.98
Latex - HD Bottle $27.99
Silicone (For use with SiTech replaceable system) $42.95
Neoprene Seals - Labor Only $75
Custom Neck $90
Custom Wrist $80
Mustang Adjustable Neck $129.95
Custom Warm Neck $85
Dry Suit Socks - Labor Only $125
Neoprene Socks $45
Latex Socks $56
Bare Soft Boots/Socks $99.95
Dry Suit Boots - Labor Only $140
Ultimate Dry Suit Boot $129
Pinnacle Vulcanized Boot $99.95
Zippers - Labor Only $200
YKK Brass Zipper 30" - 36" $134.99
YKK Plastic Zipper w/Metal Pull 30" - 38" $142.99
YKK Heavy Duty Metal Zipper $215
TiZip Plastic Zipper 32" - 40" $109.99
Urethane Brass Zipper 30", 32", 36" $144.99
Relief Zippers - Labor Only $175
YKK Brass Relief Zipper 10" $111.99
TiZip Plastic Relief Zipper 9 $90
Tinkle/P-Valves - Labor Only $50
Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve $140
Light Monkey Tinkle Valve w/ QD $150
Light Monkey Balanced P-Valve w/ QD $110
Light Monkey Balanced P-Valve $85
Light Monkey UnBalanced P-Valve $60
Si Tech/Halycon P-valves - Labor Only $75
Si Tech Trigon Pee Valve $125
Glue on a Pocket - Labor only $55
Glue and Sew Pocket - Labor Only $75
Light Monkey Bellows Exposure Pocket $70
Highland Glue On Pocket $40
Additional Repairs
First Patch $30
Each Additional Patch $20
Add Suspender Tabs- Suspenders not Incl $46
Add External Crotch Strap $40
Add Kevlar Knee or Elbow Pads (pair) $150
Kevlar Knee or Elbow Pads (no install) $100
Skin Removal & Reinstall $20
Fusion Suits, Ice Commanders, Waterproof
Full Reseam
*Price Varies on the condition of the suit, we will need to inspect before quote can be given

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