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  • 69%

    This was my first purchase with DRIS and I am very pleased. The quality is outstanding, very well built. The ring system works perfect with my D1 Hybrid but I wouldn't expect anything less from SI Tech.

    Gary Eddy | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

  • 100%
    Bright beam

    Bought it for its bright wide beam to use as a helmet-mounted video light. The push-button was also a deciding factor. Don't want to twist the helmet off of your head just to turn on the light.

    Paul | 2018-09-14 02:17:03

  • 100%
    Strong Hold

    The necklace has a strong hold and a great length for holding a regulator during any dive.

    Reid | 2020-08-27 03:34:44

  • 100%
    So far so good...

    After getting my basic and advanced open water certs I knew I wanted a travel-size BC vs. a full vest-style. I wanted a streamlined pack, but I wasn't sold on a backplate setup despite being considerably cheaper. I was eyeing the TransPac XT for a couple months before I finally pulled the trigger. My biggest worry was it would be too large. I ordered an XL based on the sizing chart despite wearing a large Oceanic Probe that I was swimming in (too big). Good thing I didn't change my order because this thing really fits just right with very little adjustments needed. When I throw it on I don't have to tighten the shoulder straps much, if at all. I almost feel like it's not big enough just because I'm so used to cranking down on shoulder straps all the time (and I always wear loose shirts). I don't consider myself to be a big guy at 6'1", 200lbs (but a slender frame). I did have to raise the backpad/lower the wing because my head was hitting the top of my first stage. I still need to lower the top cam strap because I feel like the tank still sits too high. Shoulder straps/pads are great. Wears more like a backpack than a vest. Waist strap is fine if not a bit too long but I'm afraid to cut it. Crotch strap is also fine. It's lighter and seems to soak up less water so I find myself a little more positively buoyant than I had been using the Oceanic Probe, but it just forces me to work on mybuoyancy control a little more when I start getting into <15' water. I would prefer a larger dump-valve "handle" (not sure what the proper term is for the dangly part). I've had a hard time finding it a couple times so far. I also wouldn't mind a carry handle/strap that hangs on the tank valve, but from what I've gathered that's not standard fare for a tech-style harness so I'll get over it. Overall I have no real regrets with this so far. It's well built using good, strong material, has plenty of attachment points with the D-rings, and fits almost as if it were tailored to me. Plus, I think it looks bada$$. DRIS did me right by putting everything together (I added an Egress octo and weight pockets) and matched prices with another site + a vet discount so that took the sting out of the price.

    Matthew | 2013-12-12 09:11:43

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    nice suit

    Although I have not had the opportunity to use this in swift water yet i have been using it for open water swims I found it moves well and is very comfortable. It appears to be a good find. The order to arrival period was about 5 weeks which is common for Dry Suits

    Herbert | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

  • 80%

    I bought the Arctic top and bottom two piece thinking that it would be more comfortable than a "one-sy" but because of the thickness of the fleece, it actually felt fairly constricting all over to me. It did a good job keeping me warm and dry but I felt it was negating one of the major advantages that appealed to me about the Whites Fusion drysuit - the flexibility! So in the end I decided to switch to the Thermal Fusion undergarment. However, the Thermal Fusion is more expensive, and depending on your budget, the Arctic Package is good value for the money.

    Phyllis Money | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

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