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    The Xerotherm; leggings, top, and socks were purchased to use this season to see what the hype was about, well I know now, and will tell the story. Being new to diving, I wanted my Drysuit certification so I could dive 365 days a year, being a disabled veteran provides me this blessing, and on the fist dive in 20 degree surface temps, and 45 degree water my neck seal on the rental failed. The first dive was approximately 40 mins, and I had water up to my knees when we finished. This undergarment was detrimental in warding off hypothermia, and enabled me to survive this ordeal. Being informed after the weekend of diving that a failure like that is not normal, but the seal had holes, tares, cracks, during buddy checks it was missed, (mainly because of the temp) and was also was rolled during the buddy check so it never sealed to my neck. "Baptism by Ice" and now I know to own my equipment. DRIS was Amazing! They rushed my order to me, and made sure I had what I needed for the weekend, and that in this case was a blessing.

    Jeffery Perry | 2013-01-16 13:06:32

  • 93%

    I purchased one of these to use as an argon bottle. It was shipped very quickly and arrived as promised in great shape. What impressed me most was dealing with Mike. For such a small purchase, he was extremely helpful in getting me what I wanted.

    Phil Balsamo | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

  • 100%

    fit my body very well.Not like loan ones in the dive shop,water comes in and out,bring out the body heat.with this one i can't feel any water movement when i was diving.

    JUNNAN ZHOU | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

  • 100%
    Perfect for sidemount and bailout tanks

    I wrote the same review for the left hand valve but wanted to share with people looking for a right hand valve. I'm using the valve for bailout tanks, I was using a Halcyon manifold valve but the metal connection end was not long enough to make bungee connection easy and non-slip. To top it off they're even convertible from K to DIN,and at this price this is an unbeatable value. The quality is excellent, you can't go wrong.

    Russell | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

  • 80%

    It is a good product dose its job and is not super expensive

    Mathew Thompson | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

  • 80%

    I bought the Arctic top and bottom two piece thinking that it would be more comfortable than a "one-sy" but because of the thickness of the fleece, it actually felt fairly constricting all over to me. It did a good job keeping me warm and dry but I felt it was negating one of the major advantages that appealed to me about the Whites Fusion drysuit - the flexibility! So in the end I decided to switch to the Thermal Fusion undergarment. However, the Thermal Fusion is more expensive, and depending on your budget, the Arctic Package is good value for the money.

    Phyllis Money | 2017-01-17 14:05:54

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