Dive Safety Comms, EPIRB, & Recall Systems

Don't Be a Drifting Diver

EPIRBs and Marine Rescue GPS are your safety net in open water. Let's find the right device to keep you connected and secure.

Become a Rescue Beacon Pro

Stop by our shop for a hands-on tutorial. We'll show you how to use your device like a pro, so you can send out an SOS with confidence.

Prepared for Anything

From basic navigation to emergency response, our diving courses equip you with the skills to handle any situation on the water. Sign up for one today!

EPIRBs: Peace of Mind for Underwater Adventures


Worry less, explore more! Dive Right In Scuba has your back (and your safety) covered with our selection of top-notch dive safety gear.

From emergency beacons to diver recall systems, we've got everything you need to ensure a safe and worry-free dive experience.

Be Prepared, Not Scared

  • EPIRB Beacons: These lifesavers transmit your location to search and rescue teams in case of an emergency. A must-have for any offshore diving adventure.
  • Diver Recall Systems: Summon your buddies back to the boat with the push of a button. Perfect for drift diving, night dives, or any situation where staying together is key.
  • Marine Rescue GPS: Navigate with confidence and pinpoint your location even in low visibility conditions.
  • Safety Whistles and Signaling Devices: Attract attention quickly and easily in case of trouble.

Why Dive Safety Gear is Non-Negotiable

  • Peace of Mind: Know that help is just a signal away, allowing you to relax and enjoy your dives.
  • Added Safety: Be prepared for the unexpected and increase your chances of a successful rescue in an emergency.
  • Responsible Diving: Show your dive buddies and loved ones that you prioritize safety and take your underwater adventures seriously.

Top Brands, Top Safety

We carry a wide range of reliable and high-quality dive safety gear from trusted brands like ACR, Ocean Signal, and more.  Choose from a variety of devices to suit your specific diving needs and budget.

Dive Confidently with Dive Right In Scuba

Explore our selection of dive safety gear and equip yourself for worry-free underwater adventures.