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Posted by Dive Right In Scuba on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

            Founded in 2004, Shearwater Research is a company fueled by the unrelenting vision and tenacity of its CEO and fearless leader, Bruce Partridge. From its inception, Shearwater has showed vision and leadership in the arena of dive technology. Based in Richmond, BC, Canada, the company places a premium on providing the dive community with a cutting edge product that employs the latest in technology, at a fair price. If you’ve been in the dive world for a while, there’s a chance you’ve seen someone from Shearwater at a trade show, symposium, or popular dive site...just talking and listening. This is how the crew gets to the bottom of what divers want and need. Wow, a company that listens to the diver! What a concept, right? Ok, ok….enough jabbering on, let’s see some of the good stuff these folks make!

Perdix AI Dive Computer

            When Shearwater released the Perdix dive computer, they immediately thought “what’s the logical next step?” Well, for them it was to make the Perdix with air integration! With that, enter the Perdix AI Dive Computer! Like the original Perdix, the Perdix AI features; a large, easy to read screen, OC and CC dive modes, recreational and technical, bluetooth integration, and gauge mode. The AI adds to that the ability to monitor up to two cylinders’ remaining gas as well as dive time remaining on one of them. Add to that a user customizable display and ability to download dive information and its clear to see why the Perdix AI is the choice for intrepid divers the world over!

Nerd 2 Dive Computer

        When the folks at Shearwater asked divers what they really wanted in a dive computer, it’s quite possible that some said that they wanted to fly underwater like a fighter pilot. Well, Shearwater has answered your wishes with the Nerd 2 Dive Computer. With mounting options for both open and closed circuit setups, the Nerd 2 is a true heads up display. By sitting just a couple inches from the divers face, this powerful computer can display a customized set of information that the diver wants and needs! What’s more, the compact Nerd 2 features a simple two button operation as well as a digital compass. Oh, yeah...it also has bluetooth for those of you that were wondering. Ok, ready to fly underwater like a fighter pilot? Then grab the Nerd 2...trust us you’ll be the coolest looking diver at the dive site!

Teric Air Integrated Dive Computer

        Just when you thought that Shearwater couldn’t get any cooler, they go and release the Teric Air Integrated Dive Computer. Imagine a computer with all of the power of the previous designs and more...in the compact size of a wristwatch! I know, right? It is that cool. Packed full of too many features to list here, this computer is a tough one to keep in stock. Seriously, you need to go to the product page and read over all of the features...just make sure to have a snack and a drink, there’s so many features that it may take a while! Ready to step up to a dive computer that’s wearable all of the time? Get with the Teric! You won’t regret it!

Shearwater has everything to complete your dive computer experience!

            Of course they have the computers, but Shearwater also has the products to complete your experience. Need a transmitter for air integration? Check! How about a screen protector? We’ve gotcha covered! Want a custom color on your Teric Dive Computer? Yep, got that too! Go ahead, check out all that they offer on our Shearwater page!


Our team and divers love Shearwater!

            Head over to the quarry, or jump on one of our local charters...you’ll see our team AND local divers using Shearwater computers. Not local to us...that’s fine, take a look around your local dive site and the experienced divers, chances are someone has a Shearwater computer. Why? They’re tough, trustworthy, cutting edge, and between us and Shearwater you’ll have second to none support after the sale! So, go ahead and try one out...it’ll change your diving forever!