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Shearwater Dive Computers

Shearwater Research Inc. pushes the envelope for diver technology with highly-advanced yet user friendly designs. Their crystal-clear readouts never leave you guessing as to your O2 status and other vital information. Many Shearwater dive computer models have cutting-edge features, like air integration, dual transmitter connectivity, and compact yet durable designs.

Divers looking for some of the best peace of mind and convenience always look to Shearwater dive computers in order to benefit from their reliability and easy-to-use design. The new Shearwater Cloud service also makes diving data easier than ever to access, store, and analyze, including right after your dive!

Explore some of the great products offered by an amazing, research-backed and science-driven company by taking a look at the Shearwater dive computers product lines below.

Perdix Dive Computer

At just 74 x 83 mm, the Perdix line is thinnest and most convenient Shearwater dive computers design. Perdix units feature a long battery life and an ultra-sharp 2.2-inch LCD display with extended color range. Perdix dive computers use a simple two-button design, and the option for multiple custom interfaces gives you the exact information you need at a glance. Connect to your favorite device via Bluetooth or USB to log your dives and track your progress.

Perdix AI Dive Computer

The Perdix line of Shearwater dive computers gets even more advanced with the recently introduced Perdix AI. In addition to the features of the Perdix line, Perdix AI dive computers also enable air integration and syncing with up to two transmitters for sidemount diving or individual tank readout. The same great lightweight, rugged and compact design of the Perdix but with more-advanced capabilities, the Perdix AI offers incredible functionality at a competitive price.

Petrel 2

The Petrel 2 is an ultra-rugged and reliable dive computer suited for thousands of repeat uses by professionals and dedicated enthusiasts. The 2.4inch ultra-bright readout features easy-to-read information and customizable display configurations. Bluetooth integration, multi-language support, dive logging and a 3-axis digital compass all add to your diving experience and help you improve.

Petrel 2 Fischer

The Petrel 2 Fischer takes the appealing and ultra-strong design of the Petrel and adds on a fischer connector for rebreather integration to monitor PPO2 and decompression cycles. Enjoy all of the rich features of the Petrel 2, including external monitoring, customizable readouts, a digital compass, dive logging Bluetooth integration, and more alongside air integration functionality.


Never worry about glancing at your dive computer again with the NERD 2 line of Shearwater dive computers. The device mounts on your rebreather or regulator to give you information directly in your line of sight. A micro LCD display combines with a magnifying lens to make the device screen appear as if you were looking at a 25-inch TV from 12 feet away. A rechargeable battery and compact, energy-efficient design keep you from worrying about battery life. In addition, the NERD 2 can feature air integration, dive logging and multiple mount options for maximum convenience.

Find all of these great Shearwater dive computers at competitive prices when you shop on Dive Right in Scuba today!

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