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For anyone serious about diving, investing in a Shearwater dive computer is a decision that pays dividends in safety, performance, and enjoyment. Whether it's the all-encompassing Shearwater Teric or another model from their range, you're getting a product that stands at the forefront of dive technology. Dive Right In Scuba is proud to offer these exceptional computers, knowing that they represent the best in underwater innovation and reliability.


The Shearwater Dive Computer range, including the highly acclaimed Shearwater Teric, stands as a testament to the pinnacle of dive technology, offering unparalleled performance and user experience.

Designed for divers who demand the best, Shearwater computers cater to a wide range of diving activities, from recreational to technical diving.

What Does Shearwater Dive Computer Offer?

Performance and Reliability

Shearwater dive computers are renowned for their reliability and robust performance under challenging conditions. Their build quality ensures they withstand the rigors of underwater adventures, making them a reliable companion for any dive. Whether it's the depth accuracy or the responsive algorithms, these computers consistently deliver top-notch performance.

Intuitive User Interface

One of the standout features of Shearwater computers is their user-friendly interface. The large, clear displays are easy to read under water, and the simple menu structure makes navigation a breeze. This focus on user experience reduces the learning curve for new users while offering depth and complexity for more experienced divers.

Customization and Connectivity

Shearwater computers offer a high level of customization. You can adjust settings to suit your diving style and needs. Additionally, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily download your dive logs to your smartphone or tablet, making it simple to track and share your diving experiences.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in diving, and Shearwater dive computers excel in this area. They offer features like decompression limit monitoring, gas time remaining, and ascent rate indicators, which are crucial for safe diving practices. The audible and visual alarms are designed to be intuitive and noticeable, ensuring that divers are always aware of critical dive information.

Battery Life and Durability

With extended battery life, Shearwater computers are reliable for multiple dives without the need for frequent charging or battery changes. Their durability is unquestionable, designed to endure the pressures of deep diving and prolonged exposure to saltwater.

Comprehensive Manual and Support

Each Shearwater dive computer comes with a comprehensive manual, providing detailed instructions and information, ensuring that users can fully utilize all the features offered. Additionally, the customer support from Shearwater is top-notch, with a team ready to assist with any questions or issues.

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