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        Founded in 1971 in Genoa by two diving enthusiasts, Attilio Rapallini and Marco Arata, SEAC quickly became a family company with a solid commitment to excellence and a love for all things diving. In 2012, Seac successfully expanded to the United States, opening their first office in New York. Since their inception and subsequent expansion, Seac has shown themselves to be a fast growing powerhouse in the dive industry with an eye for diver’s needs as well as cutting edge research and development. So, what kinda stuff does the Seac crew crank out? Let’s check out just a few of their most popular products, shall we?

Pro 200 BCD

            Are you looking for a solid, well built BCD that will last years and won’t break the bank? Well, check out the Pro 200 BCD! With features like a tough nylon inner and outer bladder, three pull dumps, integrated weight capacity of 12lbs, and an adjustable harness system, it’s clear to see that the Pro 200 has all of the bases covered with respect to standard features and toughness. What’s more, the Pro 200 has strategically placed pockets and attachment points(D-rings) that allow you to stow all common dive accessories and safety equipment. So, when you’re ready for a recreational BCD that will last a while and provide a comfortable dive, check out the Pro 200!

Warmdry Drysuit

            Don’t let the affordable price fool you! The Warmdry Drysuit is one tough unit that’s still comfortable and warm! This suit is constructed from 4mm high density neoprene, allowing for a high level of inherent exposure protection. It also features a Powertex inner lining allowing for the highest level of dryness and comfort. Additionally, the Warmdry suit features reinforced high wear points and a tough zipper and flap. Do you need a solid, budget friendly suit that will last? Then check out the Warmdry!


DX 100 Ice Regulator

            Throwing their hat into the ring with this flagship unit, Seac clearly makes a strong showing with their DX 100 Ice Regulator. Like the name implies, this regulator is designed to perform well in all conditions and especially shines when the mercury drops! The DX 100 features; an anti icing waterproof system, adjustment lever making inhalation more fluid and easy, strategically placed LP and HP ports, and an outer finish that’s resistant to even the toughest surfaces. So, when you need a well built regulator what will breathe well, perform great in cold water, and won’t break the bank, grab the DX 100 Ice!

Even more from Seac!


        Of course that’s not all! The crew at Seac has even got you covered for sidemount, computers, masks, boots, and even transmitters for their AI computers. So yeah, grab a soda and check out their entire line up at our Seac page!

We love our new friends at Seac!

            Even though they have only been in the U.S. a handful of years, the team at Seac has continually impressed us with their solid product line, commitment to excellence and amazing service after the sale! We look forward to many years of solid relationships and outfitting divers with great equipment!