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        What began nearly two decades ago by a guy by the name of Nick Woodman, has grown to one of the most well known brands on the planet. Back in 2002, Nick, a surfer, skier, and motorsports enthusiast sought out a way to record his adventures into epic videos. His first prototype was a 35mm camera attached to his wrist by straps made from old wetsuit material and plastic straps. Since then, GoPro has grown to a global company with over 26 million cameras sold to adventurers and enthusiasts in over 100 countries. It is our love of adventure and high quality video and photo that led to the team here at Dive Right in Scuba to partner with GoPro and carry their product line for our customers. We use GoPro on our own dives and are proud to offer them to our customers so that they can document their own adventures! Having said all that, let’s take a glance at some of the more popular offerings from the folks at GoPro!


GoPro HERO7 Black


        The latest release of the ubiquitous Hero line of cameras, the Hero7 Black takes the solid lineage to the next level with a host of upgraded and new features. These features will take your action video and photo to the next level. With 4k video at 60FPS and image stabilization, the Hero7 Will shoot smooth video on even the most bumpy of adventures! What’s more, with features like Protune, you can shoot high quality, editable footage that rivals some of the stuff the pros put out there...and easily to boot! Also, with voice control, you can operate the Hero7 even when your hands are otherwise occupied, allowing for the most epic of footage! Want to show your adventures live? No sweat! The Hero7 Allows you to livestream to Facebook while saving the video to your SD card for later use! So, when you’re ready to shoot video like the pros, grab the Hero7 today!


Super Suit (Über Protection + Dive Housing for HERO5 Black)


        Wanna take your Hero5 deeper than the 33 feet it’s rated for? No worries, pick up the Super Suit and shoot epic video down to 196 feet underwater! What’s more, the Super Suit comes complete with a flat glass lens for extra crisp video, two waterproof backdoors that can be used with the floaty, and one skeleton back door for when you’re shallow and need better audio! So, grab a Super Suit today and take your adventures even deeper!


Dual Hero System


        Have a couple of Hero3+’s around? Well, grab the Dual Hero System and start shooting 3D video! That’s right, with this double camera housing you can record synchronized footage to convert into 3D. Not into 3D? No sweat! Use the Dual Hero System to shoot still photos and video in one session! What’s more, is this housing is waterproof to 197 feet allowing you to film some epic 3D footage from deep below the waves! So, yeah...make use of those Hero 3+’s you have lying around and shoot some 3D video!

So many opportunities with your GoPro!

            Once you have a GoPro you’ll quickly understand that there’s really no limits to what you can do with these handy little cameras. Not only are they small and packed with features, there are so many accessories to personalize your GoPro experience! Want to mount your GoPro to the handlebars of your bike? Check out the Handlebar and Seatpost Mount Set. How about just shooting video while you walk around or swim on the surface? There’s the Floating Hand Grip for that! What’s more you can mount your GoPro on your head or chest, or even to any hard surface with the suction cup mount. Seriously, the possibilities are endless with a GoPro. Are you ready to shoot epic video of your adventures? Hit us up here at Dive Right in Scuba and we’ll get you set up with the perfect set up for your video!