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Discover Scuba

If you're looking for a convenient way to try scuba, look into a  Discover Scuba Diving experience to broaden your horizons. Check out our Calendar to see when the next class begins. Start your underwater adventure today!  Give it a try. Diving can change your life.

  • World's most popular introduction to scuba diving.
  • Available in a pool, ocean, river, lake, quarry or almost anywhere there's water
  • Discover Scuba Diving skills may be credited towards your Open Water Diver certification
  • Average dive depth is 6 metres/20 feet (12 metres/40 feet is the maximum depth)
  • Most Discover Scuba Diving experiences take just an hour or two
  • No equipment necessary 
  • Equipment is provided you just show up and have a great time!
  • After your Discover Scuba class, sign up for the Openwater Class and get $20 back to put towards the price of the Openwater Class.
  • Done on Tuesdays with 1-2 weeks notice

Email Us or Call Us at 1-815-267-8400 to Signup for Discover Scuba Today.