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Our dive instructors offer some of the best SCUBA instruction in the world!

Dive Right In Scuba teaches the most thorough open water course, providing you with the most flexible schedule to give you the best dive experience in the area. We are also the only ones doing your training in a drysuit, which keeps you warmer and in the water longer. This all equates to more dive time, and a more enjoyable experience!

Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that our Dive Instructors and Instructor Trainers teach people how to go back thousands of feet in caves, hundreds of feet down on wrecks, and do training for Police, Fire, and Lifeguard Dive Teams? Ours do! It is these Instructors who bring their knowledge and love of diving into your class. We have trained over 1000 new students just like you. If your passion doesn't stop there, we teach a LOAD of classes and can even make you a Dive Instructor!

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We offer the best dive training in the industry by the most well known scuba diving agencies in the world, PADI and SDI! Once you finish,you will have worldwide accreditaion and access to dive! Your new scuba certification will have you certified down to 60 feet (over 16 years of age) or 40 ft (10-15 years old). Remember, your training doesn't stop here, this is a social hobby and we have lots of dive opportunities.

Checkout some of the diving in our backyard! That little pond in Chicago, Lake Michigan, has some of the best wreck diving in the world.

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Choose the best course format for you, Register for class by calling 815-267-8400 or emailing us.

Choose online or classroom academics- The majority of our students do the online course from the comfort of their homes. Get the online code, study at home, then come in for one night of online review. We go over the tests that you completed online, tour the shop, and talk about your upcoming dive adventure! Most people finish the online course in a few hours, it’s comprehensive and fun! For those not comfortable with online study, we do offer a classroom session. You still learn from the books at home and self-study, then come in for one night to complete a review of what you learned and go over your knowledge reviews you have already filled out. The tour and the adventure planning still applies.

Complete academic and pool sessions. Ask questions, enjoy the learning.

Pool Time! Oh yeah, this is where the bubble blowing starts with two nights of pool skills. Time to do what you have read and play in the pool for about three hours each night. You will learn gear assembly and other water skills from your dive instructor.

Complete check out dives for certification. Complete locally or at a vacation destination.

Open water Dives- Four dives over a weekend at Haigh Quarry in Kankakee. Take all the skills you learned in the pool and show your dive instructor you can perform them in a deeper environment. Don’t worry about the cold, we are the only dive shop that supplies Drysuits for our open water students so you can stay warm and dry while enjoying the underwater scenery! Sunken boats, military vehicles, planes, fish and much more awaits you. Oh, we almost forgot, after your last dive we have a cookout, and go do some dives to REALLY sink in what you learned! Let the fun begin, and you are now a certified DIVER!

You're certified as a diver. Now What? Come dive with us and keep learning!

I’m certified, now what? – Well, don’t worry about that! Through Dive Right in Scuba, we have lots of opportunity for you. First, we offer you one month of free equipment rental for local diving. We don’t just want to certify you, we want you to dive and enjoy what you just learned! You can go back to Haigh Quarry, join us for Wreck Diving on Lake Michigan, getaway on a tropical vacation with us or your family, or meet us on one of our many other adventures. Don’t worry, we have lots of social activities and you will meet lots of new friends!!

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Open water

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Open Water Private - PADI


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