2022 Cyber Monday Scuba Sale

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2022 Cyber Monday Scuba Sale

Our Rules

- NO Loyalty points will be given or redeemed towards 2022 Cyber Monday Sales Items.  These are super sales items and can not be combined with any other offers. No shirts, hats, or other normal Freebies will be applied unless your non-2022 Cyber Monday Sales Items total more for the promo.

- Due to the low prices and high demand, items will ship on a first ordered basis. If your item is out of stock, we will let you know the delivery time. Delivery times will be within 1-2 weeks or less and we will let you know after your order is placed. Please be patient and have fun saving money. Items will be invoiced when the order is received due to the quick processes that occur on 2022 Cyber Monday Sales and high volume of orders.

- There will be no Refunds of purchases made before these sales started so you can get the new pricing. If your product was bought before this sale, we do apologize, but you cannot refund and rebuy at these new lower prices. Manufacturers did not offer us this pricing when you bought your items, and this pricing is only for items purchased during the 2022 Cyber Monday Sales Event. Big, special order items brought in at special 2022 Cyber Monday Sales pricing are subject to a 5% restocking fee if the item comes in and you cancel or refund it for anything other than store credit. Typically, these are a thousand dollar or more items. These items were brought in and purchased for 2022 Cyber Monday Sales, and subject to a restocking fee.

- Certain items that are typically assembled will ONLY be assembled if you ask. There is high volume of orders during this time, and in order to get items out as fast as you expect, we can't test every regulator as we normally would. Please be sure to put in the comments if you prefer to have your regulator still tested.

Have fun and enjoy the savings!  All sales items END at Midnight of their posted end date.

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