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Hog Singles BP/W Package

HOG Gear

Hog Singles BP/W Package - Reviews

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. review by Kevin Yang on 2/9/2011
    Overall Rating

    This is my first BP&W and I have to say it dives like a dream. Trim is a piece of cake. Package is a phenomenal deal. I save some $$$ buying it from DRIS, even with shipping to Canada. The wing isn't big name, but it's solidily build and excellent value.

  2. review by Joe Swantek on 4/13/2010
    Overall Rating

    The HOG gear is just fantastic! The harness is the perfect 'no-frills' harness, the tank straps are very nice, but a little difficult to adjust. Once you have them set, they're very sturdy. The backplate is nice, well machined and finished. The wing is phenomenal. You don't need an STA with this wing, trust me! The LPI corrugated hose is only 12" long, which is 'DIR', but does take some getting used to. It does come with a shorter LP Quick Disconnect hose, but that could even be a little shorter so it doesn't 'loop up' at the shoulder. All in all, I have no complaints and would recommend this package to anyone, well worth the price!!

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