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        Started in 1936 by Finnish explorer Tuomas Vohlonen when he invented a means by which to mass product the liquid filled compass, Suunto has been on the forefront of innovation and development of watches, compasses, and dive computers. Since their beginning, the team at Suunto has established a robust international presence and has become the company of choice of outdoor adventurers and divers alike. With all of this in mind, it makes sense that the word “Suunto” is Finnish for direction, not only in the direction provided by their watches, compasses, and dive computers, but also the direction of the company, which is clearly forward. Let’s now take a look at some of the top selling pieces of Suunto innovation for the dive community!

EON Steel Dive Computer

            Built with the intrepid diver in mind, if one word had to be used to sum up the EON Steel Dive Computer, it would be “tough”. Not only tough in design, but also tough software that’s dependable and ready for the toughest, longest, and deepest dives! Just a sampling of the features of the EON include; full display customization, easy to read color display, up to 10 gasses, support for air/gas/trimix, and an integrated tilt 3D digital compass. Going further, the EON comes with wireless air integration and the ability to monitor up to 10 transmitters! Yeah, we know…crazy! Having said all of this the question is; are you ready to really step up your game? Is so, pick up the EON Steel Dive Computer today!

Zoop Novo Dive Computer

            For the recreational diver who wants a simple, dependable, and robust dive computer, Suunto has the ubiquitous Zoop Novo...the next in line from the longstanding Zoop line. This computer is designed for years of solid diving with its simple, and easy to read interface, ease of operation, and tough shell. What makes the Zoop Novo even cooler is the ability to choose from three different colors and the ability to download your dive data via the included USB cable. So, if you need a solid, simple computer that won’t break the bank...check out the Zoop Novo!

SK-8 Compass

            Going back to the roots of Suunto and the liquid filled compass, our friends in Finland have the tough and simple SK-8 Compass. We know, what’s so interesting about a compass? Well, it’s a product that started the company in motion! Some of the features of the SK-8 compass include; Phosphorescent compass card, high tilt compression, suitable for sub-zero temperatures, large side reading window, balanced for the Northern Hemisphere, and quick stabilization. What’s more, the SK-8 is available in 4 mounting options; backmount, wrist, wrist bungee, and top mount. So, when you need a compass, go with the original!

Suunto has great accessories too!

            It’s a given that the computers and compasses made by Suunto are top notch. However, with top notch products comes a requirement for top notch accessories...an area where some companies lack. That’s surely not the case with Suunto! Need a transmitter? No sweat! How about a bungee mount for your EON? Gotcha covered! Scratch guard? Yep! Go ahead and check out all of these goodies and even more dive computers at our Suunto page!


Suunto, so good we dive them ourselves!

            Really though, come diving with us sometime. There’s a chance one or a few of us are rocking a Suunto! That’s because they are tough and hold up to our abuse! What’s more, we love our friends from Suunto over there in Finland. They match our love of diving and commitment to excellence. Ready to rock a Suunto? Give us a shout...we’ll help you out!