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Super Grip Black Dry Glove

DRIS Dive Gear

Super Grip Black Dry Glove - Reviews

SKU: dris-G17K-x

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. Seem like nice gloves, but not big enough review by Bob D on 2/7/2020
    Overall Rating

    I bought the 10.5 gloves hoping these would fit my hands. I normally wear a size 11 glove without issue, and figured it would be okay. I can barely get my hand in this glove without a glove liner on, so it certainly won't work for me. Honestly, this size 10.5 feels more like a size 10 or even smaller. I'll be looking for other glove options that fit my hands.

  2. Heavy gloves review by Joe on 5/24/2019
    Overall Rating

    Heavy over glove that hasn’t been in the water just yet but sure look like they will work out just fine.

  3. A great slip overr glove review by Christopher on 5/10/2019
    Overall Rating

    These are great and provide the extra traction needed when wearing regular silicone or latex dive gloves. Definitely buy them on the small size so that they are snug -- remember these are meant to go over an EXISTING pair of dry suit gloves, not be used as the singular pair of gloves. As someone who has done a lot of work around the house, they reminded me most of grouting gloves that tile workers use.

  4. Good glove, I really couldn't get it to work review by Scott on 3/8/2018
    Overall Rating

    As a slipover glove, it's exactly what you would be looking for -- if you know you like that system. I think it's reasonably thick. But after using it once, I converted to the si tech glove system. Before I got in the water, one cuff slipped off. I don't know if the other one sealed or not - it's hard to tell, but at that point I just went for the dive with cold hands.

  5. Spares that will not ruin your dive review by Royston on 7/12/2017
    Overall Rating

    I bought the gloves again for a spare kit and I am still on my first pair. The gloves are completely form fitting, doesn't have the chunkiness, isn't the fat fingers, and I still have the ability to scratch if I have an itch underwater. The liners you can find either here at Dive Right in Scuba or get one at Amazon, but I might as well get one here. Otherwise, this is the best dry glove I ever have and cannot see myself changing it.

  6. Form Fitting review by Joseph on 10/30/2015
    Overall Rating

    These are my favorite dry gloves. I am able to manipulate my equipment and clips on land and still able to perform valve drills underwater, great product, make sure you get the glove liners as well.

  7. Apparently I need a magnum rubber... Glove review by Mike on 9/14/2015
    Overall Rating

    While skin tight and thinner is preferable in other rubber products, I prefer a thicker glove. The rubber is so thin that I'm afraid to touch anything out of fear that I'll rip them (no one wants a broken rubber). They are also too short for my suit, so they pop off my rings while I'm underwater. I prefer the Gummifabrikken gloves.

  8. Very flexible and form fitting glove review by Royston on 7/30/2015
    Overall Rating

    The "Super Grip Black Dry Glove" is the same glove used by the Kubi Dry glove system. What is wonderful about the glove is it fits the hands perfectly. No excess material in one finger while the other finger could barely fit into it. Using DRIS's glove liner, the glove was snuggly fitted and doesn't make the hand look fat or anything. I bought two pairs and will buy some more for spares. The glove fits all dry glove system too and for that price, a great price for a backup too.

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