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Si Tech

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Si Tech

        Based in the center of diving in Sweden, SI Tech is in the perfect place for research and development of their core line of products; drysuit glove sets and accessories. I mean, where else to test for quality than the chilly waters around Lysekil? This is where their commitment to quality begins, in the waters of Sweden, staying warm isn’t just a matter of comfort, it’s a safety issue! With that in mind, the crew at SI Tech make some of the best accessories for drysuits, and dry glove sets. Just ask our fearless leader, Mike...he swears by them! With all of this in mind, let’s take a walk through some of the solid gear made by our friends in Sweden!

ORUST Replaceable Neck Seal System

            For many divers who dive dry, the neck seal is perhaps the most finicky part of the suit aside from the zipper. Comfort, a good seal, and durability are key for a good neck seal. Also, if you ask ten drysuit divers, five will tell you that they’ve had a seal fail at the dive site, making them stay above the surface. The ORUST Replaceable Neck Seal System aims to keep drysuit divers diving in dry comfort. The ORUST features an easily installed ring that allows the diver to replace their neck seal in minutes and allows for either latex or silicone seals to be used. So, when you tire of ripped seals at the dive site, let team DRIS install the ORUST on your suit!

Glove Lock Dry Glove System

            Are you still using thick neoprene gloves or a sub standard dry glove system? Well, you need to step up to the Glove Lock Dry Glove System! This system is easily installed on your suit, just snap it in and you’re ready to go! Tear a glove at the dive site? That’s fine as long as you have a replacement set in your dive bag...just snap the old one out and snap the new one in...done and you’re diving! So, are you ready to truly be dry on your dives? Ready to have warm hands no matter how long you’re in the water? Then give us a shout and place your order for the Glove Lock system!

Trigon P-Valve

        When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. Make that “go” a little easier and trouble free with the Trigon P-Valve! I mean, what’s the use of diving with enough gas for a nice long dive when having to go cuts it short? Yeah, exactly! With features like a low profile design, optimized sealing performance, pressure compensated, easy maintenance, and no buttons or moving parts, the Trigon valve is the perfect choice to extend your bottom time...even on those mornings when you’ve had that extra cup of coffee! Go ahead and get one installed on your drysuit...you won’t regret it. Oh, did you know we can do the install in house? Not local to us? That’s cool….just ship us your suit for a quick install and turnaround!

Even more to support your drysuit experience!

            Good seals and a p-valve are clearly key to a solid drysuit experience, but there’s even more to the SI Tech story. They also make inflation valves and dump valves, cuff dump valves, and multiple types of glove and neck seal systems. Check it all our on our SI Tech page!

Mike(and the rest of the team) likes SI Tech!

        With our location on the Great Lakes, we do a lot of cold water and ice diving! With that, solid exposure protection is important to us and so is a great customer experience! We have both of them with our partnership with SI Tech. They share in our commitment to warm, comfortable diving and great customer support. So, when you’re ready to step up your drysuit experience, give us a shout and chat about some SI tech!