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            Started by a diver with over 30 years experience, Tomek Stachura had a need for a drysuit that would keep him warm enough on his dives in Europe. What resulted was Santi and their flagship undergarment, the BZ400. Since the release of the BZ400 in 2001, Santi has continued to revolutionize the dive industry through their solid commitment to research and development in attainment of a simple goal; keep divers warm, comfortable and safe. In 2004, Santi threw their hat in the ring of drysuit design and development and look forward to their 15th year of making some of the toughest and longest lasting drysuits in the water! So, yeah they started with the BZ400, but since then they have released a plethora of amazing products into the dive world. With that, let’s take a peek at just a few of the most popular ones.

Extreme BZ 400/200 Undergarment

            If you’re at all familiar with Santi, then you would find it hard to believe that the ubiquitous BZ400 undergarment could possibly be improved upon. However, they did just that with the Extreme BZ400/200 Undergarment. This suit is ideal for diving in water below 7 degrees celsius. Based on the BZ400 design the BZ 400/200 combines 400 level insulation in the core and 200 level in the extremities where mobility and flexibility are needed. What’s more, this suit features; elastic gussets in arms and waist, wide ankle bands and water-resistant cuffs with tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves. So, if you need to stay warm yet still need to move, check out the Extreme BZ400/200 Undergarment!

Premium Plus Heating Set

            Cold natured? Doing really long dives? Love really cold water, or do you just like the highest level of comfort on your dives? Then you need to check out the Premium Plus Heating Set. This set features a heated vest and gloves, two areas most crucial to comfort and warmth. The premium plus set features the ability to keep you warm even if batteries are low or drained. Additionally, safety is in the design with a safety switch that cuts off to prevent shorts or overheating as well as a synthetic cable that is resistant to cuts and abrasions. Ready to step it up? Gram the Premium Plus Heating Set and never worry about cold water again!

Elite Plus Drysuit

        Do you demand the most out of your equipment? Do you expect your gear to work everytime without fail? Are you one who wants to spare no expense in the quest for a drysuit that will allow you to explore the depths in comfort and warmth? Then look no further than the Elite Plus Drysuit! With too many features to list, this suit cuts NO corners in its design and build. Seriously, everything has been thought of here. Telescoping torso? Check! Built up wear areas and pre bent joints? Yep! Top of the line material? Of course! Seriously, click the link above and give this suit a look...that is if you’re ready for the best of the best!

Of course there’s more, silly!

        We would be sorely remiss if we left this article at just three of Santi’s offerings, but we don’t want to keep you from checking their awesome line up out! So, go ahead and take a look...they also have bags, ladies drysuits, drygloves, boots, jackets and baselayers. You can see it all on our Santi page!

Even from across the pond, we feel the love from Santi!

            Even though the Santi crew is based across the Atlantic ocean, we still love maintaining a tight relationship with these solid folks! We see eye to eye with our commitment to the best in dive gear and customer service. We also dig diving there gear too!