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200ft Primary Reel

Light Monkey

200ft Primary Reel - Reviews

SKU: 30.100.200

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. Nice size reel review by Matt on 2/16/2019
    Overall Rating

    I bought this reel because most caves in Florida don't need a full-size 400 ft reel. It works well as a primary reel for cave diving when the main line is relatively close to the entrance and it is definitely the best 200 ft primary reel out there. But honestly I like Halcyon's Pathfinder reel more--unfortunately it only comes in 400 ft (Halcyon's their 200ft "Defender" reel is a joke).

  2. solid reel, great deal review by Steve on 5/4/2018
    Overall Rating

    reelly (hehe) solid reel. nice sidewinder design with the ability to move the locking screw to either side of the spool depending on user preference. compact size for the length of line it carries. I did restring it with high vis orange line and I was able to put around 250' of line on it.

  3. Perfect for use with a smb/lift bag review by Steven on 4/19/2015
    Overall Rating

    When doing dives deeper then 125 feet, I tend to have my SMB/lift bag attached to one of these reels, so that there is ample line on the reel to shoot from the bottom of the dive for the boat to be able to find me and it has extra line to deal with any current. I've yet to find an smb with more then 150 feet of line on it and this suits my needs just perfectly. It also doubles as a small reel to use on some of the many wrecks I dive here in the PNW.

  4. excellent review by Ej on 11/25/2014
    Overall Rating

    Very well made reel. Excellent quality.

  5. love it review by cavediver on 10/31/2014
    Overall Rating

    I thought I was going to hate this reel, as i was trained using a top-handle reel. I was shocked to find that I really like it better than any top-handle reels I've tried. the mind-blower for me was when I glanced down and could see everything that was happening instantly, never had to move the reel around in my hand to make sure nothing jumped. great build quality too.

  6. review by Edmund Grant on 10/23/2011
    Overall Rating

    Great reel for for dive applications. easy to clear fowled line while diving.

  7. review by Dan Klink on 8/27/2010
    Overall Rating

    This is an excellent reel. It's very well made and fits my hands perfectly. The spool diameter is 4" instead of 3" as it is described. It is still compact and all I was looking for in a reel. Great service and a great price!

  8. review by Michael Wheat on 6/6/2010
    Overall Rating

    I actually changed my order to the 400 foot model. I used it for the first time this weekend. WOW. It made running a line SO much easier. I love how it sits in the palm of your hand between your outstretched fingers. It makes using your fingers to create tension very natural. Just squeeze a little. Construction is very high. The only thing I slightly worry about is the locking nut. You CAN loosen it too much and it will fall off. Just something you have to be aware of. Might be a good idea to keep one in a pocket.

    While coming out of one system with a high flow behind me, I fouled my line. Or at least I thought I did. With my old line, I would have had a problem. But is all I had to do was straighten out the line and everything popped right back in place. GREAT PRODUCT and as always, Mike and his team where great to work with!

  9. review by Robert Noble on 3/14/2010
    Overall Rating

    The reel spool diameter is 4" and the handle will easily fit a thick gloved hand. Great reel. Very well made, low profile & compact. Easy to use. After researching all other brands, I would recommend Light Monkey as a first choice for a primary reel.

  10. review by Rob Zwissler on 3/8/2010
    Overall Rating

    This reel is great - I can't believe it took so long for someone to come out with this. Gives the convenience advantages of a well engineered and high quality reel (as anyone whose used a Salvo/Light Monkey reel knows), with the size advantage a little closer to a spool. Perfect for my level of diving - a bit of moderate wreck penetration and some basic cave (just need enough line to tie into the main line). It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's significantly more compact than the standard 400' reel that everyone uses. I also find it more comfortable than a 400' to hold while reeling in. The thick delrin handle that Light Monkey uses is comfy and a good weight. I can't think of anything that could be improved on this....

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