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Perdix AI Dive Computer


Perdix AI Dive Computer - Reviews

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. the best review by C on 3/6/2020
    Overall Rating

    Great computer that I anticipate happily using for decades. Features: an actually intuitive user interface, display easy to read underwater, settings easy to change, user-changeable battery, simple to set up, Buhlmann GF algorithm (or VPM-B for an extra fee), keeps track of SAC & both depth/temp over time, bluetooth and air integration both work perfectly, feels pretty solid & well-built. Just a great piece of equipment overall. I finally sprung for one after dozens of dives with my buddy cheerfully using his with no problems vs. me being incredibly annoyed by the ever-increasing foibles of Suunto & Uwatec.

  2. Best Dive Computer on the Market...Period review by Jaycee on 9/3/2019
    Overall Rating

    How is it that the most capable technical dive computer on the market today is also hands down the most simple to use? It comes down to good design and the Perdix Ai has it! I have been using Shearwater computers since I started my technical and CCR diving journey. I liked them so much that I bought this unit for my wife. She is not a techie by any stretch, and yet she can navigate the menus of the Perdix with ease. There are a lot of good computers out there, but for my money, Shearwater is the one to beat.

  3. Best computer I have ever used. review by Michael on 8/21/2019
    Overall Rating

    This thing is hands down the best dive computer I have personally owned. It is very easy to use and it has performed flawlessly. I really do like the feature that allows me to turn it off when not in use, the standard AA batteries (and long battery life), not too mention that the software is top notch. This is far from my first computer that has the capability to download the completed dives, but I have to say that the graphs are simple to read and give you all of the information that you can really use.

  4. It's worth it. review by Daniel on 8/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    There's a lot of stuff on your gear list that's in this price range. Maybe you're wondering which of the things will actually help, will improve your diving experience, will be easy to use and will quietly just log dives. I'm here to testify that the Perdix isn't over-rated at all, and it's not overpriced. It's simple. It's intuitive. It just quietly performs, doing EXACTLY what you ask of it. When I polled local divers, the worst complaint I heard was "The battery doesn't always last as long as I'd like it to." But they'd often counter their own complaint with "but it's just AA, which are universally available, and you can change it out with a penny, so I admit that my worst complaint is ... thin."

    My own experience has been all positive. It's easy to configure, the Bluetooth works 100% of the time for logging dives, the display is big enough and bright enough that I have never had to pause to make sense of what my computer is attempting to tell me. You can configure any gas you want, and deco profile you want, any ... it's just ... it's an impossibly well-engineered piece of gear.

    Just buy the **** thing already.

  5. Perdix Al Dive computer review by David on 8/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    the Perdix Al Dive Computer is my # 1 computer used on a dive, I have others, but the information that the Perdix provides exceeds the limits of the other computers. They are still good, but the Perdix has many more features. I will not dive without it.

  6. Perdix AI dive computer review by Jerry on 8/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    Purchased this to replace my Ratio Deep computer. I only have a few dives it so far, but it is everything that all the reviews say about it. So easy to
    use and customize. Has more features than I will ever use. It is easy to read underwater and like that it has a user replaceable battery. I think it is
    the best dive computer on the market.

  7. Does not disappoint! review by Protondecay on 8/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    I love the visibility of this computer. I toyed around with a few other similar Air Integrated Computers and this one definitely had the best user interface, display and straps. It’s very well thought out and after 30 dives has flawlessly performed. It’s pricey and impossible to find on sale, but worth every penny! Would definitely buy again.

  8. Outstanding Computer review by Duane on 8/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    * Very good recreational nitrox interface. Have dove 27% thru 40%.
    * Very nice dive log both on the dive computer itself and on the desktop.
    * The gauge mode meets all of the requirements/expectations for GUE - resettable average depth, stop watch, etc.
    * Have not used the technical interface.

    In my opinion, if you are going to spend a non-trivial amount of money on a dive computer, you cannot go wrong with the Perdix AI whether you are a beginner or technical diver.

  9. Outstanding and flexible review by Michael on 8/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    Easy to read screen, 3 gas programmable and air integration for multiple tanks. What more could you ask for? Standard batteries with no special charger required. I now use this for all my diving!

  10. No Regrets review by Cdklos on 8/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    This is the 2nd Perdix I have bought. This is by far, THE BEST dive computer on the market. I am a professional diver and dive all over the world, I wouldn't dive any other computer. I bought this 2nd computer for my girlfriend to dive while we were in the Red Sea. She is a beginning diver and it's worth the extra money because you can easily see the screen and understand the information you need to know without having to scroll through a bunch of pages or push any buttons. It's the perfect computer.

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