Scuba Emporium is joining the Dive Right In Scuba Family, and is now Dive Right In Scuba: Orland!

Scuba Emporium is joining the Dive Right In Scuba Family,
and is now Dive Right In Scuba: Orland!

We are happy to announce that as of Today, Scuba Emporium has now joined the Dive Right In Scuba family. From today on, it will be Dive Right In Scuba Orland! Scuba Emporium has been located in Chicago's south suburbs since 1974. The facility is located approximately 45 minutes from downtown Chicago and offers a 7,500 sq. ft. store with two classrooms and a nice, warm, in-ground heated pool. The new location is at: 16336 South 104th Avenue Orland Park, IL 60467

What does this mean for Dive Right in Scuba?

Not only are we adding this fantastic retail space, but we are also expanding our services:

  • In-house Hydro inspections
  • Heated pool
  • New swim programs
  • Additional and convenient location
  • Veteran program
Special Thanks to Patrick and Sherry Hammer...

Patrick Hammer is a dive industry icon, a PADI Platinum Course Director, and has even taken on the challenge of creating a Dive Show. We are honored to keep Patrick with our programs and continue to grow the Instructor Development programs through PADI! This will be great for those looking to become Instructors all over the world as Patrick gets to focus on his biggest passion, teaching. Sherry is a PADI Master Instructor, and would like to focus on youth programs.Join us in giving a big thanks to Patrick Hammer and Sherry for their past commitments to the Dive Community and world, as we all take a huge next step forward.

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Payment Plan

Always making sure that we are meeting our customers needs, Dive Right In Scuba has decided to offer a Payment plan on all purchases over $100!  With this plan, you will have to pay a 20% deposit on your order and you will have 6 months to pay the balance.  The calculater will tell you what your monthly payment will be.  How much easier can it get!  When you have completed your payment obligations, Dive Right In Scuba will then ship your products to you! 

There is no charge for this or interest.  You just pay for the purchase price! 

You are just not eligible for any further discounts on your products. 

If you have any questions on how this Payment Plan works, please don't hesitate to call us at (815) 267-8400 or email us at


Dive Right In Scuba will continue to offer you the best programs whether your one of our Scuba Divers in Illinois, Indiana, or Australia!  We value all of our customers worldwide and will continue to provide you with the best customer service in the Scuba Industry!