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HOG D1 5th Port Upgrade Insert

HOG Gear

HOG D1 5th Port Upgrade Insert - Reviews


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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. review by bret pool on 12/25/2012
    Overall Rating

    D1 1st Stage Bottom Port Plug
    Work perfectly on my Dive Rite and Deep Outdoors 1st stages.
    Dive Right In Scuba is the best for hard to find and innovative new products.

  2. review by John Haywood on 11/1/2011
    Overall Rating

    What a simple yet nice addition to put on your regulators. If your regs don't have this already, it is a simple upgrade that really helped clean up my hose routing. I like it both for my singles and for my doubles setups.

    The staff at DRIS is incredible and provided information and support ensuring these were installed properly.

    They don't come with an actual port plug to seal off the new port, so you will need one when you install these.

  3. review by Andy Connor on 6/19/2010
    Overall Rating

    Awesome product - easy to install, turned my D1 first stages into some fairly mean single tank regs.

  4. review by Daren Gray on 5/24/2010
    Overall Rating

    Great idea for a product. One complaint I have is that there is no wrench fitting on the exterior of the LP port so that regulators can easily be removed without removing the plug itself. Other than that, I'm very happy with this product. Shipped promptly.

  5. review by geoff darter on 5/21/2010
    Overall Rating

    Great Product! Made hose routing even on a single tank better. Long hose routes great. Started off with a bad experience with customer service but they went out of their way to make it better. I will do business with this company again.

  6. review by Javier Grinfeld on 5/19/2010
    Overall Rating

    As it is a single piece of machined metal and a few O-rings, there isn't much to say about the quality of the product itself.

    However, for anyone who uses different configurations such as doubles, sidemount, deco stage etc- the fifth LP port brings a quality of life, and makes much easier routing either second stages or inflator LP hoses.

    It is called "bottom Port Plug" but can be also "top LP", depends on how the first stage is positioned.

    Got it shipped overseas in virtually no time- got so fast that I wasn't even starting to expect for it :-)

    Like the regulators, It did not come with any paper or documentation whatsoever, so there was no information about installation. It is no brainer, though, but one needs a torque wrench and also the manufacturers value.

    DRIS were really helpful in mail correspondence, like giving me the right torque values in order to install appropriately. It is always nice to know that they take one's questions seriously.

    If don't have one- have one!

  7. review by Henrik Bo Pedersen on 4/28/2010
    Overall Rating

    Dove my HOG regs with the 5th port plug this weekend. Absolutely love the hose routing on doubles with these regs now.

    The plug itself is made to the same excellent standards as the HOG regs. Beautiful chrome and perfectly machined.

    For the $$ a great upgrade to these regs.

    DRIS provided quick turn-around and excellent pricing on the parts as well as detailed installation instructions for the plugs.


  8. review by Tim Greene on 4/24/2010
    Overall Rating

    This port sure made hose routing a whole lot easier with my doubles rig... If you have HOG regs without the 5th port, do yourself a favor and add it!

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