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OMS Drysuits and Scuba Gear

Ocean Management Systems, or OMS Design, offers some of the most respected scuba equipment kits on the market today. Their team of diving industry professionals and engineers use only the most superior materials, designs and technology combined with unparalleled craftsmanship to deliver everything from dive fins to drysuits.

Whether you’re looking for a sturdy suit to protect you on deep dives, a surface marker buoy to mark your location, fins for mobility or a tattoo mask to increase your vision in the depths, OMS has what you need. Check out our line of OMS Scuba Gear, including drysuits, diving masks, fins and more, for the best in scuba safety gear design and workmanship.

Tattoo Mask with UV Protection

A tattoo mask is a piece of equipment no diver should be without. The OMS mask offers one-window frameless vision with super-low volume. Its skirt design comes in small or large sizes to fit any face, and features a unique 3-D contour strap that is sure to keep it securely on your face without folding or slippage.

Slipstream Monoprene Fins

These fins are manufactured from sturdy, flexible monoprene, which makes them both lightweight and offers outstanding performance. With their spring-heel straps, these fins don easily but remain securely in place regardless of how harsh the diving conditions might be. They’re lightweight enough that they won’t tire your legs, but will propel you through the water like you wouldn’t believe.

PINK Hybrid SMB (6 ft)

An SMB (surface marker buoy) is an essential piece of any diving kit, which allows you to track your position during decompression or drift dives. This special edition PINK SMB with open bottom is rated for six feet, and allows it to be inflated using a second-stage regulator or orally. Before using an SMB, you should always get instruction from a qualified teacher.

PINK Hybrid SMB (3.3 ft)

Like our 6-foot SMB, this surface marker buoy is ideal for helping your decompression or drift diving expedition and can be inflated orally or using the second stage of a regulator. You should seek training from a qualified instructor before use.

PINK 75-foot Spool with Double-Ender

Pre-packed with sturdy nylon line, this improved spool design allows you to effectively control the speed of a line and create drag by simply squeezing the spool center, as well as allowing you to perform visual checks of the knot. The stainless steel clip and ABS plastic construction means it’ll hold up to a lot of punishment while remaining lightweight, and it easily stores in most pouches. If you’re deploying an SMB at depth, it’s a must-have piece of equipment.

OMS San Diego Drysuit

Made from durable Polyester blend Trilaminate, this drysuit offers a superior combination of comfort, toughness and flexibility for the harshest dives. It comes with the patented DUI silicone Zipseals, dual large cargo pockets, hood and attached boots.

OMS Coronado Drysuit

The Coronado is an outstanding option for those divers who appreciate comfort and value from their suit. It features attached boots which are sturdy but flexible enough to allow for finning, latex seals, YKK zipper and Apeks valves. An outstanding value!

Check out these and other OMS products in the Dive Right In Scuba store today!