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Light Monkey

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Light Monkey

Join us today as we bring Light Monkey to our live broadcast!! with Mike Pedersen and Corey Mearns

Posted by Dive Right In Scuba on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Nestled in a corner of the world we divers like to call Cave Country, the crew at Light Monkey like to dive and have fun...while developing and manufacturing some of the toughest lights and accessories for the most hardcore of underwater explorers. Their base of operations in Lake City Florida affords them a great opportunity to research and test their designs in some of the most beautiful and advanced underwater caves in the world. With that in mind, let’s check out some of the awesome stuff this crew have cooked up, shall we?

32 Variable LED Can Light

        Designed with the true explorer in mind, the 32 Variable LED Can Light is a true powerhouse! This 6500 Kelvin color light has five levels of output; from 4000 lumens all the way down to 25 lumens. This unit features; two li-ion batteries cranking out 195 minutes of light at the highest setting and over 2 days at the lowest! What’s more, the canister is a tightly packed unit that’s only 9” in length and 3” in diameter and 1 pound negative in the water. Not bad for such a powerhouse in our humble opinion! Digging deeper, the 32 Variable can be recharged in 6 hours with a battery that is approved for air travel! So, when you need to shed some more night on your diving situation, give this light a close look!

Drysuit Heater System

        Are you ready to make those long dives even more comfortable? Yes? Then you need to check out the Drysuit Heater System! Housed in a compact 10 amp battery canister system, this unit features E/O plugs that allow for battery changes during a dive without the risk of flooding. You can use this system to add heated gloves, boots, and/or a vest to your drysuit undergarments for an added element of warmth and comfort. You can finally be completely warm and comfortable on those long decompression stops! 

400ft Primary Reel

            Yeah, yeah...we know...everyone makes reels! Seriously though, the 400ft Primary Reel from Light Monkey is one tough contender that’s worthy of high regard. Made from a single piece of delrin, this reel is one that will last you for years! It also includes 400 ft of line, a bolt snap and line stop. Need a different size reel? No worries, Light Monkey has them in 200 ft, 800 ft, and 1200 ft for those true explorers! So, when you’re finally tired of those other reels breaking and jamming pick up one from Light Monkey!


Even more from Light Monkey!

            While these guys(and gals) may be known for their solid lights, heaters and reels, that’s not the entire story(we hear they’re expert pranksters...but that’s another blog altogether). The folks at Light Monkey also make p-valves, cylinder bands, and even stage kits. Of course, you can check out their whole line up at our Light Monkey page!

We really like Light Monkey!

            Like we’ve said before, we only sell solid gear made by solid folks. The Light Monkey folks are no different. They’re fun loving, hard working, and really stand behind their entire product line. So, when you’re ready for some really tough equipment, let us hook you up with some Light Monkey!