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Ratio Computers iDive Tech Avantgarde Computer

Model: iD003A

Product Description

A real Technical computer. Read all about this fantastic product HERE

A true Double Core Algorithm: 
Buhlmann ZHL16B + VPM-B

The iDive is the world's first watch computer
with a Double-Core Algorithm 
Buhlmann ZHL 16-B and VPM-B

Both pre-installed, in complete versions
and running in Real Time.

You have just to choose from the iDive menu which Algorithm to use for your dive.

Dive Modes:
Air, Nitrox,
Freediving, Gauge AVG.



ZHL-16 B


Stainless Steel

Top Glass:


Display Resolution:

80x80 pixel

Max Depth:

220 mt
721 ft

User Settable Gradient Factors and Critical Bubble Radius.
Make the Algorithm yours.

With the iDive you can adjust the Gradient Factors (for Buhlmann ZHL 16-B)
and the Critical Bubble Radius (for VPM-B)

Set the iDive's Algorithm according to your physical conditions 
and to the type of dive you are going to perform.

Directly from the menu of the iDive computer.
This is a true Technical Dive Computer.




Scratch-resistant Sapphire glass 
Next to diamond, sapphire is the hardest transparent material on earth.

Almost indestructible and scratch-resistant, the top glass of the iDive is virtually more resistant than the stainless steel case that house it.

The Sapphire has a 9/10 hardness factor on the Mohs scale (the diamond has 10/10) and you would not be able to scratch it either with a knife.

Indeed the Sapphire glass is commonly used on top-range watches like Rolex® or Omega®.

316L Stainless Steel Case

Indestructible and practically eternal.

Precision-machined into its final form and polished for many hours to produce the desired finish.

Just 15 mm of thickness
but able to stand up to 220 mt

This is Stainless Steel not plastic

Real Time Algorithms.
Maximum of flexibility, reliability and performance.

The iDive series integrates the real and complete Algorithm to calculate your current tissue saturation and afterwards decompression profile in real time. 

This allows to obtain reliable and very safe decompression profiles

Most dive computers algorithms make interpolation of stored data to calculate decompression profiles of the dive profile made by the diver. A cheap way to do it, but you have to adapt your dive to the profiles stored in the dive computer. 

The iDive is neither more nor less conservative in comparison with the other computers. It is just "right".

Repetitive dives management.
More dives a day in more days: no problem at all.

Featuring the Real time Algorithms the iDive calculates your real tissue saturation status and calculates your repetitive dive profile according to your previous dives.

This means that your profile is always optimized, even after more days of repetitive dives.

User settable Deep Stop and Safety Stop 

Choose if you want the iDive to use the Deep Stops or not 
and choose the depth you prefer to perform the Safety Stop

Flexible and customizable.

Gauge AVG
Resettable Average Depth and Timer. 

One Button to reset the Average Depth,
One Button to reset the Timer,
One Button for the Compass.

That's All.

Sleep mode: The iDive can sleep as you do

If the iDive stays still for 5 minutes automatically turns off the display,
reducing the battery draining up to 80%.

As soon as the iDive's sensor feels a movement the display will be turned on in 0,8 seconds.

The iDive can reach 2 month of autonomy in normal use.

Amazing, right?


USB Recharge
One cable to rule them all. 

You can use any USB port to recharge the iDive, even the wall charger of your smartphone or tablet.

Why a rechargeable battery is better:

    • You have not to change the battery almost every year.


    • No risk of wear, humidity or seepage owing to the battery change. (have you ever noticed that after the first replacement, the battery change becomes more frequent?)


    • You can use all computer functions without worrying about battery exhaust. (Backlight, Compass, Apps ...)


  • You can recharge the iDive wherever a USB port is.
    (Have you ever tried to change batteries at the Maldives or during a cruise?)
Apps for iDive. :

Weather forecast. 
No one can control the weather,
but we can forecast it.

3D Compass self-compensating. 
Extremely accurate and 1° of resolution and +/- 1° of accuracy.

It always point to North even if it is not perfectly in horizontal position, because of its integrated accelerometer.

Are you looking for something big and made of iron? 

The iDive can sense the magnetic field of the earth and its variations caused by ferromagnetic materials.

With automatic altitude compensation for altitude diving.

Celsius or Fahrenheit.

For the barometric pressure.

Fitness (pedometer). 
Beyond the scuba diving.


Oxygen analyser

The World's first watch computer with Oxygen Analyser Integration.

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