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Underwater Kinetics

HangAir - Reviews

SKU: 24061

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. Best for drying wetsuit. review by Wayne on 8/4/2016
    Overall Rating

    If you are like me, on multiple days of diving, I hate getting into a wet wetsuit after the first day. With this hanger, my 3mil will be dry (at least on the inside, sometimes not completely dry) as long as I hang it up and turn it on overnight. I take this with me anytime I'm diving and not flying.

  2. Wet suit never dried so fast review by Wayne on 7/23/2015
    Overall Rating

    I use this to dry my wetsuits after use and they are always dry within 24 hours. Makes diving two days in a row much more enjoyable as I don't have to put on a wet wetsuit.

  3. If your looking just get it!! review by Karl on 6/1/2014
    Overall Rating

    This thing is fantastic. If you took the time to look then just get it. Works great for wet or dry suits. Gets any dampness out of my drysuit very well. Dries my 3/2mm wetsuit in less than 8 hours and my 7mm wetsuit in 12-15 hours. Great for multiple days of diving if you want to get into something dry every day.

  4. review by will mcmanus on 9/9/2013
    Overall Rating

    I actually use my hangair not to dry my drysuit which is how i think most people use it but to dry my wetsuit overnight when I will be diving more many days in a row and will be diving in colder air. The difference between a completely dry wetsuit and a damp wetsuit is huge, and the hangair definitely helps get my suit dry overnight, much more so than just hanging it up.

  5. review by Jon Benson on 11/6/2010
    Overall Rating

    I had a chance to use 2 of these while on vacation in Hawaii and immediately bought one when I returned to the mainland. There were two of them in the condo I rented from a friend and now I see why. They are amazingly handy, especially in a situation where hanging for too long could be a nuisance. It completely dried a 3mm wetsuit in about 8 hours, which is much faster than I expected. Having a nice dry suit to put on every day was a real treat. My 7mm suit takes a bit longer, usually I leave it for 24 hours or so, but it's probably completely dry in around 15 or so hours. These are perfect for those that live in an apartment and have to hang their wetsuit in the shower to dry. It has a sufficiently long plug and usually reaches outlets wherever I need to hang it. The only thing that would make this more convenient would be a rechargeable version without a plug.

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