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2" Tech SPG

Dive Rite

2" Tech SPG - Reviews

SKU: RG-2762

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33 Review(s)

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. Why pay more? review by Murph on 9/6/2019
    Overall Rating

    This gauge is solid and accurate. It is a nice size and is easy to read even in low viz. The connector swivels so you can position it without binding up your hose.

  2. I love this SPG! review by Mark Easter on 6/12/2017
    Overall Rating

    I love this SPG!
    I have never relied on the RED Zone.
    I plan and dive knowing my gas supply and find no need for it.
    I like that 0-500 PSI is not unobstructed. Add a SS or Brass clip (your preference) and you are Set! I plan to order several more for my Deco bottles.

  3. Great for pony tank review by jessi on 4/1/2016
    Overall Rating

    I use this one on of my pony tans. It is small and easy to read and reliable.

  4. Simple and great review by Eric on 3/25/2016
    Overall Rating

    I read all SPGs are pretty much made by the same manufacturer in Italy. This is a simple to read and great SPG. It is durable and accurate, which is what you want in a SPG.

  5. Sturdy review by Kerneels on 1/18/2016
    Overall Rating

    Easy to read and sturdy. Had no problem reading it in the dark.

  6. Strong built review by Toma on 10/1/2015
    Overall Rating

    right size with strong built SPG,the white face can read the reading very clear,highly recommended

  7. Good quality review by Walter on 9/19/2015
    Overall Rating

    Good quality at a low price. As expected from a DR product from DRIS.

  8. Could be alittle bigger review by Jared on 7/23/2015
    Overall Rating

    This pressure gauge works as it should
    it is a touch small for your primary spg but as a side mount or stage bottle I think it would be awesome.
    I love the luminescent face plate that alowes it to be read in the dark.
    priced just right.

  9. Love the gauge review by Mark on 7/12/2015
    Overall Rating

    This gauge works well and is easy to read underwater. I always love the quality of the Dive Rite Gear.. I prefer the white face to the black one.

  10. Excellent for technical diving review by Myles on 7/11/2015
    Overall Rating

    This is a great SPG for technical diving. It is both durable and accurate. Additionally iris the perfect size that is a mix of easy to read but not too big.

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