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Body-Tec Fleece Undergarments


Body-Tec Fleece Undergarments - Reviews

SKU: wp-bodytec

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. Undergarment review by Jan on 5/16/2019
    Overall Rating

    Almost 3 gram weight, fits my needs. Runs small so order a larger size. I’m pleased with my purchase. Nice snug fit, diving 39 degree water with a 2 gram top over the top. Very satisfied.

  2. Great Suit review by Louis on 11/30/2017
    Overall Rating

    This suit is awesome. Exactly what was promised, warmth. I, actually, perspired a little when diving in 61 degree water. Love the snug fit, compared to other bulky undergarment I have used.

  3. Great undergarments review by Eddie on 11/30/2017
    Overall Rating

    Bought the dual layer and I could not be happier with these, very warm and comfortable. Got these to go with my BTR-500 Dry suit and there are no complaints here. This place ROCKS, I will continue buying my dive equipment here Super Service and GREAT Staff.

  4. Great buy review by Rick H on 1/6/2017
    Overall Rating

    Bought the dual layer version of the Waterproof garment. Dove it last weekend in 51 degree water in my bilateral drysuit. Very comfortable after 65 minute dive on a damp, dreary day at my local quarry. I am pleased with the fit as well - snug but as described. Very happy with it and recommend!

  5. review by David Serafine on 5/16/2013
    Overall Rating

    I really like the quality of Waterproof products. The thumb straps and foot stirrup straps really add to the quality of this undergarment. It keeps me just the right temperature in my Waterproof D10 dry suit when the water temp is in the upper half of 60 F. Even when I get a little leak it keeps the water away from my skin. It fits a slight bit small like other Waterproof gear.

  6. review by Matt Herr on 4/22/2013
    Overall Rating

    I get cold really easy and needed an extra layer of warmth under my normal garment (thermo fusion) for my Whites drysuit. Normal temp on my dives is approx 52F. Size chart is wrong, so I had to exchange for next size up. DRIS was great, as always, with their customer service in handling exchange. Garment fits snug but not too tight, inner side is slightly fuzzy, while outside is slicker material making donning under another garment easy. Added warmth without impact of bunching up or binding on me. Only used on 2 dives so far, added about 2-4lbs of buoyancy, but dialing in this part. Would buy again, as right price to accomplish job and seems like quality made.

  7. review by Jim Pruitt on 4/25/2012
    Overall Rating

    I got these for diving in 65-70 degree water in my Fusion, to replace the current sweatpants and sweatshirt I've been wearing. I wish I'd gotten these last season! Wearing them with a base layer of wicking long underwear, I don't get cold at all. They're warm and fuzzy on the inside (smooth on the outside), but not bulky--I could easily see wearing this under another layer without any problems.

    The 4pc set fit as advertised, although the hat is a little small (I have a lot of hair).

    I would definitely recommend these alone for those diving in 65-70 degree water, or as a layer for those going colder.

  8. review by Rob Waring on 4/23/2012
    Overall Rating

    Very nice undergarment. Went diving this past weekend in 6C water and used this as my bottom layer. It was perfect temp and the material keep any sweat from building up. Highly recommend!

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