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Xerotherm Hat

Fourth Element

Xerotherm Hat - Reviews


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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. Great Hat !!!! review by Bailey on 1/10/2020
    Overall Rating

    What a great hat, very warm, fits my large head, its my go to beanie now

  2. xerotherm hat review by Tom on 12/31/2016
    Overall Rating

    I was introduced to Fourth Element when I was taking my Cave training at Cave Country Dive shop a few years back. After loosing track of my original Xerotherm beanie about a year ago I was devastated. That's why when I saw them at diverightinscuba I ordered 2. The xerotherm polar fleece is super stretchy and fits even my giant head, covers my ears and keeps my head toasty warm when the wind is blowing. I highly recommend all the Fourth Element products.

    I currently own and love the xerotherm beanie, top, legging, socks and vest for light drysuit undergarments and the heavier Arctic onesy for colder waters.


  3. Xerotherm Hat review by Keith on 1/12/2016
    Overall Rating

    Warm, stylish and comfortable with a perfect fit!

  4. review by Jeff Pack on 1/23/2013
    Overall Rating

    What do you say about a surface interval cap?

    Is it warm,yes.

    Is it comfy, yes.

    Does it look rock'n, well sort of.

    Overall, its warm, comfy, and a nice addition to my dive coat.

  5. review by Jeffery Perry on 1/16/2013
    Overall Rating

    The Xerotherm hat was purchased because I thought it looked cool, and wanted another hat to keep my bald head warm. This hat is my only choice when I cold water dive, and first choice when I go out around town. Well made, well constructed, and very warm.

    DRIS was Amazing! They rushed my order to me, and made sure I had what I needed for the weekend, and that in this case was a blessing.

  6. review by Laura Wheeler on 1/1/2013
    Overall Rating

    This hat is awesome. My husband won one at a diving event a couple years ago and I stole it from him because it was so darn comfortable and warm yet doesn't make your head sweat. That is a hard combination to find!

    Somehow between last winter and this winter, I lost it, so I bought him a new one for Christmas from Dive Right In Scuba. He loves it for surface intervals when the weather gets cold around here. Unfortunately for my husband, it's just as awesome as I remembered, so I've been wearing it around the house when I'm cold. Looks like I'll be buying another one!

    Dive Right In Scuba is a great vendor. I am a non-diver and am able to research products for my husband and his diving obsession.

  7. review by Douglas Boyce on 11/16/2012
    Overall Rating

    It's the perfect hat for my dry suit kit - thin and warm. I purchased it based on the high quality of my other 4th element gear and was not disappointed.

  8. review by Robert Bronakowski on 11/15/2012
    Overall Rating

    The xeortherm hat is awesome. It's very light weight and keeps your head warm between dives. I love it so much I've been wearing it for work and have to buy another one to keep with my dive gear.

  9. review by Andres Cuevas on 7/26/2010
    Overall Rating

    Very warm and not bulky, you can put it in a small pocket easily.
    Really works when wet.
    If you have a big head like I have, you can cover your ears completely with this hat.

  10. review by Mark Steiger on 2/18/2010
    Overall Rating

    Lightweight, but very warm hat. I can't wait to get out on the boat this summer and use it while on the boat between dives. It feels a lot like underarmor style material, which kinda surprised me, but it does dry quickly as a result.

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