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        Headquartered in Tustin, California and led by Alberto Mantovani, an innovator with roots in the semiconductor industry, DiveNav has been providing the dive industry with cutting edge, dependable gas analysis equipment for over a decade now. In that time period, DiveNav has quickly gained a cult following among the most adventurous of divers for their product dependability and accuracy when it counts, planning a safe dive. With all that said, the crew here at Dive Right in Scuba values the relationship that we’ve established with the crew at DiveNav and even trust their gas analysis products on our own dives. With that in mind, we’re sure you’re curious to see the products that this company has made to keep you safe on your dive adventures. So, without further ado, let’s take a close look at some of their more popular solutions!


Nitroxbuddy2 Gas Analyzer

            Built on the solid foundation of the Nitroxbuddy, the Nitroxbuddy2 takes the smartphone linking capability and adds a built in display, allowing Nitroxbuddy2 the ability to act as a standalone unit. What’s more, the Nitroxbuddy 2 features simple calibration, an easy to read display, apps in both iOS and Android, as well as a new oxygen sensor and USB cable. Add a solid case and you’ll know what’s in your cylinder before each and every dive! Oh, there’s also the Nitroxbuddy2 Deluxe that comes with a LP BCD hose adapter and hard case!

monOx Gas Analyzer

            No matter where you dive, the presence of carbon monoxide in your breathing gas is an ever present threat. For that the folks at DiveNav have developed the monOx Gas Analyzer. Built on the solid platform of the Nitroxbuddy 2, the monOx allows for use via either a smartphone via an iOS or Android app as well as a standalone unit with its crystal clear dot matrix display. Included with the monOx is a USB cable and new sensor. Want to add a hard case and BCD inflator adapter? Pick up the monOx Deluxe!

CooTwo Dual Gas Analyzer

            When you need to step up your game and analyze your breathing gas for both oxygen percentage and carbon monoxide presence, you need the CooTwo Dual Gas Analyzer! With a tough outer case, dot matrix display, and fresh sensors, you will always know what’s in your dive cylinders. What’s more, the CooTwo can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a smartphone and free DiveNav app available on both iOS and Android! Going further, the CooTwo also features easy and fast calibration and the ability to log data via the smartphone app. So, when you without a doubt need to know what’s in your breathing gas, step up to the CooTwo! Want a case and ability to analyze gas through your BCD hose? Grab the CooTwo Deluxe!

Blue Buddy

            Are you looking for a way to track your dives without wearing a bulky computer? Or do you just want a backup solution to log the data from your dives? Well, you can stop looking and grab the Blue Buddy! Not much larger than two quarters, the Blue Buddy is designed to be attached to your harness or BCD and log your dive data, leaving you to simply enjoy the underwater world. When you’re done, just link up the Blue Buddy to your smartphone via the app that’s available for iOS and Android and download the data. Diving for an extended period of time? No worries, the Blue Buddy holds multiple dives worth of data. Want to make your friends jealous? Share your dive data with them! So, when you just want your dives recorded, check out Blue Buddy today!

Team Dive Right in Scuba likes DiveNav

            A truly safe dive requires knowing what you’re breathing. With the solutions from DiveNav you can have that information easily and quickly, so you can be off diving with peace of mind. Here at Dive Right in Scuba, we’re divers ourselves and have loved ones we want to get home to after our adventures which is why we trust DiveNav products ourselves! So, hit us up and lets get you set up with the best DiveNav product for you!