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B.U.D. Backup Dive Computer


B.U.D. Backup Dive Computer - Reviews

SKU: 04.2250.36

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Overall Rating

Our Customers Are Saying

  1. A must buy item review by Pleasantly surprised by this product! on 6/20/2019
    Overall Rating

    What a great little computer! Small, easy to use, has the “deco dots” as we call’em, matches the deco profile I am using very closely also. It clips out of the way, yet easy to get to and read. I love this thing. Gonna buy one for my wife next!

  2. Great backup review by Brian on 7/13/2016
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this as a backup for my computer when I go on trips so in case of a failure I don't lose out on dives. With the dual algorithms it matches my suunto vyper pretty closely. Doesn't save logs, just last dive. I put it in my bc pocket or clip it to a ring with the built in clip.

  3. Great backup review by ray on 4/13/2016
    Overall Rating

    It is always good to have a backup dive computer. This is a small and cheap one which has 2 algorithms to perfect make your aerie or oceanic one. I like it because it is small and works well. I dislike that you have to reset the nitrox levels.

  4. Great backup if you own an Oceanic or Aeris review by Eric on 3/25/2016
    Overall Rating

    If you own an Aeris or an Oceanic computer this is a good backup. It is good because they use the same algorithm so they will be in sync. This is small and you can clip it to one of your BCD rings easily out of the way.

  5. Not user friendly review by Ibro on 2/13/2014
    Overall Rating

    This is not a very user-friendly computer. Every time you dive, you have to reprogram your nitrox level and po2 etc. Its adds a lot more "work" between dives.

  6. Great inexpensive insurance policy review by Joe on 1/20/2014
    Overall Rating

    Bought this to back up my dive computer for an upcoming trip to Isle Royale in case my primary computer bites the dust. Then I won't have to scrap the rest of my dives. I like the fact that I can clip it inside my BC do my thing. Small, compact, and seems pretty rugged.

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