Dive Computer Accessories & Upgrades

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Your dive computer is a powerful tool for tracking your underwater adventures and ensuring safety. Dive Right In Scuba offers a wide range of accessories to help you customize, protect, and enhance your dive computer's functionality.


Take your dive computer to the next level with:

  • Screen Protectors: Keep your display crystal clear and scratch-free with durable screen protectors.
  • Straps & Mounts: Choose from comfortable wrist straps, bungee mounts, or retractor systems to keep your computer securely attached and easily accessible.
  • Transmitters: Wirelessly transmit tank pressure data to your computer for real-time monitoring of your air consumption.
  • USB Interfaces & Cables: Download your dive logs and update your computer's software with ease.
  • Other Accessories: Find everything you need, from replacement batteries and o-rings to protective cases and charging cables.

We carry accessories compatible with popular dive computer brands like Shearwater, Suunto, Garmin, and more.

Why Choose Dive Right In Scuba for Dive Computer Accessories?

  • Wide Selection: We offer a comprehensive range of accessories to suit every diver's needs.
  • Top Brands: We partner with trusted brands to ensure you get high-quality, compatible accessories for your dive computer.
  • Helpful Resources: We offer tips and guides on choosing the right accessories and maximizing your dive computer's potential.

Don't let your dive computer go naked! Gear up with Dive Right In Scuba's dive computer accessories and unlock its full potential.