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Dive 1st Aid

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Dive 1st Aid

        Part of the Seaside Marine International Drug Co. family of companies, this company has been providing safety and medical solutions to the maritime and dive industry for over 125 years. From their base of operations in Southern California, Dive 1st Aid is focused and committed to building the best and most cost effective first aid and rescue solutions to the dive industry. In addition to their top notch product line, Dive 1st Aid is committed to the proper use of their products. This is why they take pride in their second to none in house training department. Yeah, we know….they’re just first aid kits, but first aid is something key to a safe dive, which is why we chose to partner with one of the best in the industry! So, let’s take a glance at some of the more popular products in the Dive 1st Aid line up and see what makes them so special!


Scuba Diver First Aid Kit

            Designed by divers for divers, the Scuba Diver First Aid kit contains everything you would need to stop bleeding, treat and disinfect wounds, as well as treat bites, stings, and scrapes. Additionally, the Scuba Diver First Aid Kit contains supplies to treat minor pains, electrolyte loss, allergic reactions and motion sickness. What’s more, this kit comes in a compact water resistant clamshell case. So, pick one up today for your dive bag and never be left unprepared again!


Advanced Diver First Aid Kit

            Building on the solid foundation of the Scuba Diver First Aid Kit, the Advanced Diver First Aid Kit adds quantities of key items as well as includes some additional items to treat a wider array of injuries and illnesses. With the Advanced Diver First Aid Kit you get the contents of the Scuba Diver kit in increased quantities as well as; eye wash, irrigation syringe, trauma shears, razor blade, vinegar, and more. This kit will allow the advanced diver to treat most regularly encountered injuries and illnesses. Of course, all of this is packaged and well organized in your choice of a water resistant clamshell or Seahorse waterproof hard case.

Rescue Diver First Aid Kit

            When you’ve made the commitment to not only your personal dive safety but also that of others by taking the training and getting certified as a rescue diver, you need to step up your game. For that there’s the Rescue Diver First Aid Kit. This robust kit should be considered a requirement for every rescue diver to have in their dive bag. Not only does it contain the components to treat any injury that you may encounter on a dive trip, it allows you to step in and render aid to others in the time of need. With the basic components in higher quantities, the kit also includes; bloodstopper bandages, eye pads, iodine prep pads, emergency blanket, hot and cold packs, pen light, safety pins, gauze wraps and pads, elastic wraps, cloth tape, and vinegar. Like the other kits from Dive 1st Aid, you can choose your kit to housed in a clamshell case or Seahorse waterproof case. So, uphold your commitment as a rescue diver properly and pick up the Rescue Diver First Aid Kit today!

Complete Care First Aid Kit

            Seriously, the name says it all. With ample contents to handle just about anything encountered in the field, the Complete Care First Aid Kit is organized into a four step care protocol that makes rendering aid simple...which is key when seconds count. What’s more, this kit comes housed in a tough Seahorse hard plastic shell case that’s waterproof. Also, this kit is so complete that it was given the seal of approval as complying with the World Health Organization’s stringent standards. Clearly, this kit is a must for any dive boat, shop or instruction operation. So, take a look at investing in one today!

Dive safe with Dive 1st Aid

            Looking at the array of kits featured, it’s clear to see that Dive 1st Aid has taken the steps to ensure that there’s a first aid kit that fits every diver, training level, and operation size. This is just one of the reasons why the crew here at Dive Right in Scuba chose to partner with this company. Well, that and their commitment to excellence, service, and training that parallels ours. So, go ahead and check out all of the Dive 1st Aid Products that we offer. Don’t see exactly what you need? Hit us up and we’ll work with Dive 1st Aid on building the perfect kit for you and your diving!