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This entry level emergency response diving course is designed to give the public safety diver the fundamental skills needed to safely function as part of a public safety dive team and is OSHA and NFPA compliant. Topics such as problem solving, tender skills, search patterns and evidence handling are covered just to name a few. Dive skills include executing search patterns, victim recovery, emergency procedures and decontamination procedures among others.  ERD I also serves as a prerequisite to ERD Ops Components courses. 

  • A General orientation of the following topics is also included:
  • OSHA Standards
  • Extreme Limitations of the Rescue exemption policy for PSD
  • Scene Control
  • Dealing with bystanders and the media

The dive operations are orientated toward tethered diving ops with some discussion of free swimming patterns and their limitations and applications.  Emphasis is placed on the rescue operations for all team members who experience difficulties during a dive deployment and also performing other safety diver activities.  Long days of hands on training and diving!  Come ready to get tired, but have a great time and learn a lot of knowledge from our experienced PSD Instructors! ERDI will take the student from Open Water to an Emergency Response Diver. Topics include but are not limited to; Team organization, witness interviews, determining last seen point, equipment and configuration, underwater problem solving, tethered diving and patterns and victim recovery.

Day 1 - Classroom teachings with pool skill testing and obstacle course

Day 2 - Classroom teachings and then to local lake/quarry for search patterns and training

Day 3 - Classroom teachings and then to local river to learn how to handle currents
** We do travel for training and your price will be the same even if we come to you….just add travel expenses and a minimum class size of 4**

Recognized by the State of Illinois and MABAS as an approved class for Public Safety Search and Rescue / Recovery.

Candidates for ERDI must have their own drysuit and full face mask
Candidates must also demonstrate proficiency in an open water setting as well as have a minimum of 2 logged open water dives in the last 6 months. Good time to sell a refresher class
Candidates must also be able to pass the IADRS swim test http://www.iadrs.org/media/IADRS_Watermanship_Test_and_Annual_SCUBA_Skills_Review.pdf

Email Us or Call Us at 1-815-267-8400 to Signup Today.