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Basic Life Support & First Aid

This program is a lay provider course, designed to teach basic life support and first aid in five to six hours. Basic Life Support, or BLS, includes airway management skills such as the log roll and recovery position, one rescuer cardiopulmonary resuscitation and additional skills like caring for a choking patient, controlling bleeding and caring for a patient in shock. The first aid portion of this program includes key skills such as illness and injury assessments, bandaging and splinting skills and emergency moves.

This program meets current American Heart Association and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) guidelines on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care. It is an instructor-led program featuring skills demonstrations, both in video and live, and skill practice with manikins.


The Basic Life Support and First Aid course represents entry-level training designed to educate persons in providing Basic Life Support to adult patients with life threatening injuries, while activating the emergency medical services. The first aid portion encompasses recognizing medical and traumatic illnesses and injuries and providing care while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.

Course Objective

The DAN Basic Life Support provider ("DAN BLS Provider") program is designed to teach the knowledge and skills needed to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) to adult patients.

BLS consists of several techniques that support life. At the end of the course the DAN BLS provider will be able to recognize an emergency, activate the EMS and provide early BLS, while waiting for an AED or Advanced Life support to arrive at the scene of the accident. Early Access to the EMS and early BLS are 2 of the 4 links in the chain of survival.

Recommended Hours of Training

Basic Life Support – 3 to 4 hours First Aid – 2 hours

This course should be taught as a five to six hour program as outlined in this manual. The time needed to teach the course varies and depends on many factors including the number of students and their ability to process the educational components of the program. Instructors who want to include subjects or training beyond the course requirements may do so only before or following the course. Any additional training must not be required for completion of course requirements.

Required Curriculum Subject Areas

Knowledge Development

  • List the 4 links of the "chain of survival"
  • Protect yourself against disease transmission and danger
  • Check responsiveness
  • Check for normal breathing
  • Perform chest compressions and rescue breathing – CPR
  • Provide care for choking
  • Place an unconscious patient in the recovery position
  • Provide care for external bleeding
  • Provide care for patient in shock
  • Recognize health problems which are not life threatening
  • Evaluate patient condition and perform effective, correct first aid
  • Evaluate when it is necessary to activate EMS
  • Perform injury and illness assessments
  • Splint a dislocated limb
  • Secure the wound and bandage using the correct techniques
  • Move a patient

Skills Development

At the end of this program, you will be able to perform BLS by:

  • Performing a Scene safety assessment
  • Performing 1 rescuer CPR on a non breathing person.
  • Placing an unconscious patient in the recovery position
  • Providing assistance to a choking adult.
  • Providing care for external bleeding
  • Providing care for shock
  • At the end of this program, you will be able to perform First Aid by:
  • Perform injury and illness assessments
  • Splint the dislocated limb
  • Secure the wound and bandage using correct techniques
  • Move a patient

(equipment requirements may vary with each specialty course)

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