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Our 10 Dive Right in Scuba Core Values

The foundation of our success lies in the honest and open communication we strive to maintain between our internal organization, customers, and vendors. We recognize that for our customers to have complete faith in our services, we need to show them how we dive right in to our commitment to gaining and keeping their trust. Our 10 Dive Right in Scuba Core Values makes us the GPS for all your underwater needs.

The strong working relationships we have within our management and direct report system makes it possible for us to go the extra mile in making our customers happy. We don’t just do what we think customers want, we actually listen to their needs so that we can deliver exactly what our customers demand the most, plus more. Every day, we show our customers and our competition what sets us apart from the others in the industry. Our strong staff of Divemasters, Instructors, and Instructor Trainers in the scuba diving and underwater gear industry are always available to answer any questions you have. We demonstrate our strong and dedicated commitment in the industry with our honesty to customers, while providing the best in scuba diving gear and accessories.

No barotrauma with Dive Right in Scuba!

That’s right, our loyalty and no Braille dive experience gives customers exactly what they are looking for when they want to be more than just another order number. Whether you are a clueless newbie or an old salt diver, you can find everything you need on our website. If you need help you will find that immediately with our friendly, personable, professional customer service experts. One of the reasons we are so successful is because we recognize that communication is typically limited, as well as trust when placing orders for products online. Our company brings you the face of the company in every way possible so that you have confidence in our ability to exceed your expectations.

Dive Right in Scuba is the GPS for All Diving Needs

1.     WOW! Service

For WOW to be such a small, short word, it is much bigger than that to us. In order to truly WOW customers, we must stand out from our competition. We know we have to give our customers much more than what they expect.

We connect with the customers directly, so that they know they can personally depend on us for whatever their needs are where we are concerned. We firmly believe in increasing our business by word of mouth about our experience and amazing service. We don’t just try to WOW our customers here at Dive Right in Scuba, we dive in headfirst to give them the best WOW service we can. Our employees are always on hand to help you with anything you need.

2.     Embracing Undercurrent Change

If there is one thing that businesses needs to do in order to grow is to understand and embrace all ‘undercurrent’ change that happens along the way.  At Dive Right in Scuba, we don’t just embrace the change that happens, but we enthusiastically move forward with anticipation of our customers’ needs in a constantly changing marketplace, with drive and ambition to keep swimming through it.

We do this by making sure our employees are the kind of people that are not afraid of change, but are more concerned with staying on the shore helping to prepare our customers for every water adventure they have.

At Dive Right in Scuba, we are always evolving to stay ahead of our competition, keeping them guessing every step of the way. Many companies may copy our website look and style, even some images, but they will never be able to copy the type of employees we have that make our customers happy and grow our business.

3.     Innovative & Fun Atmosphere

We embrace the unconventional with an innovative attitude and a fun atmosphere. Adding a little fun and a dash of weirdness makes the traditional work day more exciting! Our company is successful because we celebrate the diversity and the individuality of all of our staff members, and encourage everyone to be true to themselves. The company is only as unique and personable as its employees. We should be able to laugh at ourselves, and find the humor in perhaps the not so humorous situations. We cannot take ourselves too seriously without appearing like a boring corporate giant; that is just not us.

A pleasant and productive side effect to encouraging low level weirdness is that it tends to bring the innovation out in people. Folks work the best when they are happy, and become more innovative when possessing more options. Thinking outside of the box can many times bring the best ideas. In short, a fun atmosphere and a little weirdness can equal a lot of happy, engaged, and productive employees, resulting in the best customer service and vendor relations.

4.     Seriously Open-minded & Adventurous

We don’t want our staff to fear failure. Forward progress is often made after risks are taken and mistakes are made. With experience, everyone is able to develop their own intuition regarding business decisions. Mistakes are encouraged, since they are typically learning experiences for our operations and administrative progress. Our staff is comprised of people willing to go the extra mile, taking risks every day to better their company at Dive Right in Scuba.

We approach challenges with an open mind. Have fun exploring the all the possibilities of the underwater atmosphere, and don’t settle for complacency or the status quo. Seek adventure on the way to the solution. With the freedom to choose any path towards forwarding underwater progress, unconventional solutions allow us to rise above the competition.

5.     Not Afraid to Dive Deeper

It’s important to be challenged consistently at your job; this means you’re growing and learning and that is a priority for our company as a whole and for each individual. Everyone holds more potential than they realize, and it’s our goal to bring this potential to the surface in everyone. In order to unlock that potential, you must challenge yourself and rise to meet it.

Taking on challenges is the only way to experience growth as a company. It’s an endless cycle of challenge and progress. It can be confusing, and at times risky, but it’s the only way to achieve that forward progress and positive growth.

Problems may arise quicker than they can be solved, but it’s all a part of the growing process. Issues can be a positive indicator that forward progress is being made at Dive Right in Scuba, all the while getting bigger and stronger. Each issue resolved is a notch in the belt of success.

It’s also important to remember that there is always more work to do. Times and technologies change, and we must change with it. Learning the new and more efficient ways to do things is the forefront of operations. Move forward or get left behind.

It may sound hard, but something worth doing is not easy. Doing the hard work means standing out from the competition that isn’t willing to do so. When it does get easy, we will work harder to provide each client with even more.

The best skill set someone could bring to the company is to do well at learning and adapting. We are all learning as we go and becoming our own best experts in the process. The growth is experienced on all levels, by both Dive Right in Scuba and each individual on staff.

6.     Open-Water Communication

Managers, internal and external customers, vendors, business partners, and co-workers all deserve the same level of courtesy and respect. Positive, strong relationships allow people to accomplish much more and are a healthy part of every workplace, but here at Dive Right in Scuba we have an unparalleled atmosphere of open-water communication. We have established emotional connections and act with integrity. It’s important to be friendly, compassionate, honest, and respectful in all relationships because it’s very difficult to build trust without these traits.

In any interaction, it’s just as important to listen as it is to communicate. Not only that, but to be honest in your feelings about the situation, so the other party has no doubts on your opinion.  Honesty is a building block of respect, and is a two way street.  Communication is one of the simplest things to break down in any relationship or workplace. We highly encourage everyone to uphold a high standard of thorough and effective communication.

7.     Building the Best School of Diving Experts

Our company is a warm, friendly, and an exciting place for our full staff of underwater product and accessory experts, who pride themselves on their knowledge in the diving industry. We encourage the sharing of opinions and ideas in all aspects of our business.

Our leaders are great people who lead by example, and also listen to their team is an issue arises. In some instances, decisions are made by those who deal directly with products and customers, rather than by those in an office far removed from daily activities because it makes sense to make the customer happy without hesitation. We take pride in the fact that our experts have the knowledge and expertise to help customers right from the start, without bouncing them back and forth through a phone system.

The best team members are those who create a positive influence on those around them, as well as take initiative when issues arise. They take ownership of these challenges, collaborate on a solution and resolve the concern. We are not just a team, but instead value our Dive Right in Scuba employees as extended family. The typical co-worker type relationship is left at the door.

8.     Utilizing the Tools on Hand

While we may seem relaxed, we are serious about our business operations. We value working hard to get the job done, and done right the first time. We use our resources and tools on hand around the clock to solve problems, small or large.

There is always room for improvement; our job is ongoing. This is the only way to stay a step ahead of the competition, by continuously thinking outside the box, being innovative, and simply trying to find a better way.

Being ‘good enough’ is not good enough. The competition is good enough. We make every effort to shatter the mold and be great! If we lose our sense of urgency regarding those forward strides of progress, we lower our standards, and cannot experience true success.

9.     Having the Fittest Scuba Shoulders

A sense of urgency, determination, and passion to dive right in are the traits we value in our employees. Training, education, and knowledge are priority in our business, where we pride ourselves on having the fittest scuba shoulders for our customers.

We are inspired by that fact that we believe in what we do, and where it is taking us. Taking the easy way would never work for us, because we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Determination and passion are contagious among co-workers. Having a positive attitude inspires others to have the same outlook. It’s exciting to know everyone around you is on the same page and has your back, with the same excitement about the goals and big picture of the company. 

10.  Being Modest & Tenacious

No matter how much success a person or company experiences, it is just as important in life to respect every person, no matter what. Arrogance or mistreatment is not a part of our mission statement, nor atmosphere. While we do celebrate successes, our humble confidence is a greater reflection of the character we embody at Dive Right in Scuba. Additional training, education, and tenacity to move forward in the scuba diving industry remains a focus of Dive Right in Scuba.