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Ensuring your dive gauges are easily readable and accessible can make a significant difference in managing your dive profiles. Dive Right in Scuba provides a selection of high-visibility dials, navigational console boots, and extendable cords, giving you the freedom to customize your dive gear to suit your preferences. Trust in the durability and functionality of our dive gauge accessories to make any dive, regardless of depth or environment, a well-equipped adventure.


Dive gauge accessories are an essential component for divers looking to monitor and record crucial information during their underwater explorations. At Dive Right in Scuba, we offer a wide range of accessories designed to protect and enhance your dive gauges. From protective covers that shield your instruments from scratches and impacts to swivel spools that improve hose management, each product in our collection is selected to ensure your diving experiences are both safe and enjoyable.

Essential Dive Gauge Accessories

When suiting up for a dive, we understand that maintaining and enhancing your dive gauges is crucial. That's why at Dive Right in Scuba, we've curated a selection of essential accessories to protect and improve your essential dive equipment.

Protection for Dive Gauges

Rubber Boots: We offer durable rubber boots to shield your depth and pressure gauges from unwanted scratches and abrasions. Made from impact-resistant materials, these boots add a layer of protection while maintaining optical clarity for easy reading of your gauges.

UV Protection: To extend the life of your dive gauges, our accessories come with UV protection to prevent damage from sunlight, keeping the information on your gauges visible and the covering from becoming brittle.

Dive Computer Enhancements

Screen Protectors: To ensure your dive computer stays in top-notch condition, we suggest applying an optically clear screen protector. These protectors work seamlessly with your devices, preventing scratches without compromising screen visibility or responsiveness.

Interface Upgrades: Enhance the usability of your dive computer with our array of interface upgrades. These enhancements are designed to improve the experience and interaction with your computer, ensuring a dive that's both informed and efficient.

Power Solutions for Dive Computers

Battery Kits: Never be caught off guard with a powerless dive computer. We provide complete battery kits, ensuring you have the power you need for your dive gauge or computer. These kits often come with everything required for a quick and straightforward battery change.

Solar Chargers: For those longer trips, consider a portable solar charger. It's a sustainable choice, keeping your dive computer charged while on the move and reducing the need for disposable batteries.

At Dive Right in Scuba, we're committed to outfitting divers with the best accessories to enhance and protect your dive experience. Explore our category pages to find the right products for your dive gauge needs.

Integration and Replacement Parts

When it comes to ensuring your dive gauge operates flawlessly, integrating the right accessories and having a supply of replacement parts is vital. Whether you seek to enhance the reliability of your dive gauge or you're in need of specific parts for repair, we at Dive Right in Scuba have you covered with our extensive selection.

Straps and Mounts

To keep your dive gauge secure and accessible, we offer straps and mounts of various designs including chromed brass construction for durability underwater. Our Mares Smart dive computer and Mares Puck dive computer straps ensure a snug fit on your wrist or gear.

O-Rings and Seals

Compartment O-rings and seals play a crucial role in dive gauge integrity. We supply high-quality O-rings compatible with popular models such as the Suunto Zoop, Vyper, and Cobra. These are essential for preventing water ingress that can damage your device.

Battery Kits

A dead battery can halt your dive plans. That's why we provide factory approved kit for dive computer battery replacements including a 3.0 Volt CR2450 Battery and Li-ion Battery Types. These kits are designed for easy installation, ensuring you're always ready for your next dive.

Customization and Utility

In our selection of dive gear at Dive Right in Scuba, we understand the importance of both customization and utility. Personalizing your dive instruments can enhance visibility and coordination with your other gear, while added features can greatly increase their longevity and functionality.

Color Customization

Our gauge accessories offer a spectrum of color options to match your existing dive gear. Pick a vibrant hue for easier identification or a color that complements your current setup. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but selecting a brighter color can also be practical, making your instruments more visible in lower light conditions.

Dive Log Improvement

To facilitate a better dive log experience, consider improving your setup with accessible and protective additions. Our gauge boots come in both rubber and buckle designs and feature an attachment eyelet for a lanyard or clip, ensuring your instruments stay secure and accessible. Moreover, a lengthened computer wrist strap fits comfortably over dive suits of varying thicknesses, ensuring your dive log is always within reach.

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